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A tale of two shootings.

ramzpaul 8 Mar 18
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What no one is talking about in the Atlanta shootings is that most of the women in the Atlanta shootings were victims of sex trafficking before they also became victims of murder. Too many human beings are being bought and sold as property to satiate the demand for sexual gratification. Even before my Christian conversion, I was principled enough to not give my money to the slaveholders who pimp these living humans as toys. Now all they want to talk about is race while the sisters of the dead are still shackled to the sex trade.

Why does that matter?

@JacksonNought IT MATTERS because human life is SUPPOSED to matter....but this is, as usual being turned into a race and political matter....where the only thing that matters is the agenda.

@RonTillerson a man murdered 8 people. Why does it matter if they were sex workers, voluntary or otherwise? The blame rests on the man, and the man alone. Whether it was racial or incel motivations, it is still his fault.

@JacksonNought I didn’t intend to assign fault. You are 100% right that, the shooter, (I hate to use the term man for this jerk) is at fault, his reasons or “justifications” not withstanding...He “claims to be a sex addict” in the one story I read....that was his justification. He’s just lucky I won’t be sitting on the jury....we put down rabid dogs....he’s rabid, deserves the same fate....just my humble opinion.

The problem isn't the trade. The problem is evil people. Soccer games bring out the houligans, Is the problem soccer games? Or even alcohol? No, its bad and evil people. We can ban guns, knives, acid ( throwing acid on victims faces) alcohol, soccer games......will any of this help the real problem? Not in the slightest.

That is a great point and an excellent post! Thank you!

@Jenfrancis agreed.

Some of these women also volunteer to do this due to them being poor, and it is their only way to get an American husband because they feel the sacrifice is worth the chance to have a better life.
In an interview from years ago, they asked a woman why she married an American. She said that it was because, in her country, the men look at their wives as property; the American men revere their wives and are more supportive and appreciative.

@TheHerrDark You're correct in that. I knew several Filipino ladies on Okinawa who were looking to find a GI to marry for that very reason. It's still a shame the things they have to go through to get there.

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