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@RAMZPAUL, fans, and stxy: During the Spencer vs Styx debate, Spencer said the following in defense of Biden; "
" in terms of actual domestic policy that could conceivably help people in need, that is unquestionably far more likely with the liberals.. they are more likely to do things for people in need, that includes white people."

Many Trump supporters do not have the experience and knowledge to effectively challenge this idea, and that is concerning for people like me. I lived on the streets for many years, mostly in liberal cities, and tirelessly attempted to navigate the "help" as Spencer describes, that these liberal cities supposedly offer to people in need.

Years later I ended up working in the social services field for a decade in the capitol of CA.

Therefore, I know, by lived experience, where Spencer is wrong in this area of debate, because I lived under a bridge in these liberal cities trying to access this "help" Spencer describes, that largely does not exist, and is a front of false hope, that has been politicized with strawman issues like "white supremacy".

That experience, combined with the experience of working in the social services field for a decade, only confirmed everything I had experienced previous to that. These liberal cities are NOT helping those Americans most in need; many of whom ARE white.

The testimony from myself and those like me, is mostly absent from much of the discussion.

Neither styx, nor Spencer has any experience living homeless for a decade, let alone working in social services a decade in addition. These revalations experienced from this viewpoint were the precise reason me and people like me have #walkedaway.

Neither Styx nor Spencer have the lived experience to really wiegh in on this point Spencer has brought up, and the misinformation Spencer is stating here, without the proper rebuttal, could prove the Achilles heal that brings in the new Biden/Harris leadership. And that is extremely concerning to people that share similar viewpoints to my own. It needs to be appropriately addressed, in my prideful opinion.

H0bo 5 Oct 2
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