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Pull up my mask? Sure, after you put down your fork. A strategy to deal with mask busybodies.

ramzpaul 8 Sep 15
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Good point, if someone feels the need to come to me like they are the social police, then you get my rath! Period! MYOB!

Header Level 8 Sep 15, 2020

Just a question, how you would you feel if someone walked around completely naked in a store you were in, let's say it was this overweight woman. Would you say none of your business and ignore it? Even if kids were around?

@JacksonNought first of all it’s the stores job to address the crazy leftists running around naked in a store no matter what size!

@Header you didn't really answer the question. Looking for your opinion.

@JacksonNought This is a false equivalency, rabbi. No one needs to answer questions posed dishonestly.

@Flagherty go back to 1940's Germany, Nazi boy.

RamZPaul, these are the type of people you surround yourself with.

@JacksonNought Free speech you lying shill

@Flagherty yep, and I have free speech to call you a degenerate incel Nazi boy who is probably fatter than the woman Paul described and finds blaming the Jews for everything down to stubbing your toe easier than taking personal responsibility and seeing that your failures are all your own and not because of some bogeyman. I also have the free speech to call Paul a fake tough guy, who probably actually wears his mask properly in a store because he is too afraid of confrontation.

@JacksonNought I'll never be as bothered to be called a nazi as you are to be called a jew.


@Flagherty wrong. I am a Jew. Why would I care, when I have expressed multiple times in the past that I am one? What's wrong with that?

Of course for the same reason you aren't bothered being called a Nazi because you are one.


Isn't posting videos about people asking others to wear masks literally opposite the philosophy of MYOB?

Seems a smidge hypocritical to ask others to MTOB when you aren't MYOB.


I wonder what you'd say if a muscular and athletic man told you to put your mask up. Or maybe a police officer. You'd probably piss yourself then.

"I'm usually a nice guy"

Uh huh, sure you are. Which is why you regularly start conspiracies about Jews? Which is why you created a thread on Twitter to insult Kelly Marie Tran, calling her fat when she most definitely is not. Is that the kind on "MYOB" you are talking about?

Take a look at your video's comments. One person claiming masks are Jewish conspiracy. Another telling you to violently attack the person. Oh, and a nice group of 6 people deciding to spell out the N word.

Oy vey, shut it down!


I wonder if the Karen went home and posted on Twitter about how she got fat-shaming PTSD from Ramz whilst shopping for cake at the grocery store?

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