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Kenosha Kyle story is a perfect example of how toxic social media is. There is so much misinformation and false equivalencies going on by people who don’t bother to look beyond what the mainstream media says. People calling the kid a white supremacist because he supported police and trump (yet he killed “white” people only ), comparing his actions to Dylan roof (cmon really?), and trying to apply a double standard to the likes of Tamir rice while ignoring what happened to guys like Duncan lemp and Ryan Whitaker.

He still got arrested and charged fairly quickly too. And yet these same people wanted this kid to rot were awfully adamant about telling the rest of us to shut up about cannon hinnant because his killer was charged too.

A recent recurrent theme in @ramzpaul videos is how demoralizing it can be to be “plugged” into social media and the news all day. I think I get it now. It’s not the news stories itself that cause this toxicity, it’s the stupid useful idiots (the peers in our every day lives) that bury stories, facts, or continue to push an evil narrative. I want to believe average people like me don’t fall for it, but it doesn’t feel like it’s enough at this point. It’s sad that I think 4chan might be the best place to get “news” at this point.

Wafflestomper 6 Aug 27
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I stumbled upon 4chan's /pol/ board back in 2014. It truly is the greatest news source there is. Kyle's story was up there 2 seconds after the vids hit twitter. (In catalog mode) 50 new threads were started. The detailed analysis has begun amongst the finest detail oriented autists in the world. Frame by frame screenshots appeared, close ups (media never shows the pistol in Mr Now Lefty's hand, we had it night one), and hooboy here comes the media spin


It’s actually surprising how many people swallow the narrative whole. I know a whole lot of otherwise intelligent people who base their worldview on CNN and Stephen Colbert. They think anything that dissents from the narrative is dangerous and crazy.

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 27, 2020

That's true. But a large part of America is cheering for the young man who stood up to the commies.

Fox swallowed whole, those traitorous bastards, WELL EXCEPT FOR TUCK And he also must tread lightly , pull in an eye witness or two, show a clip from twatter, oops, heh, that vid slipped by


Social media is pure poison for the most part.

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