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Mazie Hirono, a female senator from Hawaii, made the astonishing claim that the looting, burning, blocking traffic and attacks on the police and random Whites that we have seen on television and social media are not really caused by Antifa/BLM. No, these people are REALLY secret White supremacists. The real Leftists protestors are just peaceful hippies that you might see in a Coke advertisement in the early 1970s. The real Antifa is using the power of love and flowers to spread their message.

If the Left really believed this nonsense was true, it seems they would support harsh prison sentences for these so-called ‘White Supremacists’ that are seen setting fires and throwing bombs. After all, they seemed gleeful to send James Fields to prison for life for killing a woman with his car after he was surrounded by violent Antifa with weapons. Why aren’t they demanding that these rioters also be sent to prison and throw away the key? Instead, these rioters are immediately released after they are arrested engaging in political violence.


Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet defector, explained the psychology involved with using such obvious lies. It is a process called demoralization. The idea is that if you can make people repeat an obvious lie which everyone can see is false, it will demoralize people. The more outrageous the lie, the better.

The black guy jumping up and down with an armful of looted sneakers? He is actually a White supremacist in black face. The obese lesbian with blue hair throwing bricks at the police? She is a secret Nazi.

It is important to understand that many Leftists do not believe in an objective reality. This is why you will frequently hear them spout the phrase ‘my reality.’ Reality to them is based on whatever you think. If you think Antifa burning bibles and the American flag is a secret White supremacist, it becomes reality. It is a childlike magical thinking. A generation raised on Harry Potter.

And in their magical narrative, it is always the evil Nazis who engage in violence acts. If they see otherwise, it is not really a problem. They just engage in make believe and pretend reality is different.

ramzpaul 8 Aug 5
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One thing I want to share about rioters is from my own sphere:

I knew a guy, when I lived in Portland, OR, who was always ready for a riot. He always kept a very thin, lightweight mask in his back pocket so if it happened to spring up around him, he'd be ready to loot whatever he could.

He was not at all political, he was simply an opportunist with a questionable moral compass. I suspect this is the case with many of the "Protesters" or "Rioters." They are more likely just looters, in more ways than one.


By the way, do you think you could get Styx to promote/use Would it melt the servers if he did? What do you think?


Hey now!

I completely agree with your statement.

But don't blame Harry Potter, which is a rather traditional heroic story.

The "Magic" in Harry potter is merely a literary device to motivate the story, which in essence has more in common with Beowulf and The Oddyssy than with any post modern children's stories repurposed and aimed at adults, thereby creating a new generation of "man-children."

There are probably better examples you could have chosen, but maybe I'm nit-picking here. Everyone probably knows what you mean with the Harry Potter reference--including me : )

A better example (from movies) might be Avatar

(not the last air-bender, but the ugly blue people one) aka "Dances with Smurfs."

It has fairy tale, straw man, bad guys, fairy tale, non specific, mcguffinesque plot elements. All characters are essentially stereotypes rather than archetypes.

Much more like a post-modern fairy tale repurposed for man-children.


What an insightful post. It goes to why they pick thugs like Brown and Floyd to riot over. Nothing is more demoralizing than to have thugs treated as heros to a population that believes in law and order.

In fairness though, they don't really "choose" to riot over these people. They are led by Marxist agitators, and it costs a lot of money to do so. that's why it doesn't happen more often. They ended up shooting their wad on "Occupy." then they had to let the coffers build up again so they could do another full scale event.

This kind of agitation/propaganda ie. agitprop, cost a LOT of money. And as soon as the money runs out, it dries up and blows away in less than a day.


Antifa and BLM is force for good they are deionized by trump supporters

B1967 Level 7 Aug 5, 2020

I'll only deionize them if they show up in my neighborhood.

@Flagherty Why there there to help fight racist

@Flagherty lol I vote for full scale deionization as well. Anti-oxidants all around!!!!!!!!



Could we market those deiomizers

@Flagherty, @curvycom

Ionization is a real problem.

@wolfhnd Not really:

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