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Dating app OKCupid adds 'pro-choice badge' for dating profiles


Krunoslav 9 Sep 23
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OK CUPID Ad Campaign Promotes Relationship DISASTER


Is there a pro-life banner too, for balance?

Jedly Level 6 Sep 23, 2021

Not sure, but I imagine its just attempt to give wokkies another badge of differentiation. Either way...

Its essentially a social experiment with pretty serious consequences. Just like Tinder and other dating apps, that use algorithms to play on millions of years of evolutionary instincts and use them for everything but what they are indented to. And the algorithms are written by companies that a complete degenerates and have no idea of the consequences their actions are going to have long term.

There was a pretty good chat on a podcast about some of the potentially disastrous consequence on top of the the ones we already know.

Sex and Dating Apps | Rob Henderson | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast - S4: E47

This episode was recorded on May 7th 2021.

Dr. Jordan Peterson and Rob Henderson exchange ideas about the impact of luxury beliefs on the different socioeconomic classes, polyamory, and the idea of the patriarchal institution. Dr. Jordan shares his experience with Henderson as they discuss psychopathy and its relationship with dating apps. Check out this episode to listen to what they have to say about pornography, defunding the police, the role of sex, the consequences of reproductive technology, and much more.

Rob Henderson, a veteran of the US Air Force, is a Ph.D. student in evolutionary and social psychology at the University of Cambridge. He also got his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yale. His writing has appeared in worldwide newspapers like the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Quillette. Currently, he is writing a memoir to be published in late 2022.

Check out his website for more information:

Follow Rob on Twitter here:

[00:00] Introduction
[00:18] Jordan B. Peterson introduces the guest Rob Henderson
[01:00] Luxury Beliefs, what they are, and how he came up with them.
[06:30] Prospect Theory
[07:30] Rob's experience at University and the competitiveness between students.
[09:30] Examples of luxury beliefs.
[12:00] Competitiveness in University into financial services.
[16:00] The idea that the affluent are shielded from social unrest because of the communities they were raised in.
[19:00] The universe of luxury beliefs.
[20:00] Polyamory, Tinder, and the luxury belief of polyamory trickling down from University into the working class.
[26:00] The idea of the Patriarchal Institution.
[28:00] Psychopathy and dating apps
[33:00] Hypergamy
[39:30] Dark Triad and dating app; the differences between experiences from college women and single mothers.
[43:30] Dating apps "seeding" with fake attractive profiles
[46:00] The different experiences for different social classes when dating
[50:00] Names that pass down the social hierarchy
[50:30] Rob Hendersons color blindness theory
[55:30] Trump's attraction and working classes contempt for the elites
[01:02:30] Consequences of voicing certain beliefs
[01:07:30] Gender differences in luxury beliefs
[01:14:30] Consequences of reproductive technology
[01:18:30] The consent debates taking place on campuses and the role of sex.
[01:21:30] Sexlessness in Japan
[01:22:00] Pornagraphies affect and NoFap
[01:28:00] Sex ratio and their impact on the different cultures at universities.
[01:32:00] Sexy Selfies
[01:33:00] Consequences of pursuing this sort of thought
[01:36:30] Rob's collegiate career and his experience at Cambridge.
[01:44:00] Rob's results from taking Jordan’s personality test.
[01:46:00] Rob’s plans for the future.


You don't think women have a right to control what happens to their bodies?

Sure I do. Before they get pregnant.

@Krunoslav Getting pregnant does not mean a woman will give birth. Pregnancy is part of what woman should have control over.
Only women can get pregnant it is part of their nature.

@Lightman What are you talking about?

@Krunoslav Oh dear best you go back to school and get some sex education eh.

@Lightman Are you on some kind of medication? Or possibly off medication?

OK CUPID Ad Campaign Promotes Relationship DISASTER

@Krunoslav What.... try addressing what I originally said, you did at first then apparently gave up

@Lightman So off medication, than?

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