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I'm so done with this asshole

RemiDallaire 8 June 9
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lol look at the communist agenda life trolls ignore me calling them out


Same so done with this assholes word salads that never produce an answer but end up attaching with calling them racists! Unethical and incompetent

Header Level 8 June 10, 2021

Canada is a Democrat Communist wasteland like America.


Trudeau is a very sophisticated liar!

Rick-A Level 8 June 9, 2021

Trudy needs a haircut and a shave.

sqeptiq Level 8 June 9, 2021

hes gettin nervous and "uh" startin to crack as he realizes ... were they lied to by their masters cause WE THE 99% arent actually theyre willing communist sheople and havent even awknowledged their coup yet in leu of answering a fuckin yes or no question... see they ("new world order" = egyptian "jew"ish" naz👁 4th reich) are attempting coup of ALL democracies for the last time. they are ass out global center stage as ALL the truths they hid from us are revealed ... its their last chance to repent to Jehovah and unite with us for (war chief/chief) Jesus or WE will get our wrath as written. they didnt place theyre military last summer cause the plandemic went so smooth in the beggining. now the plandemic was turned to dust they don't have the military units all placed and now it would be an obvious move of coup ... they do have foreign military agents and forces in our borders... make Jehovah our Creator your Elohim (ancient aramaic for Master) and fuck fear... fuck this "jew"ish" naz👁 4th riech anti semetic hitler sereal killer worshiping bs. WE ARE THE DEMOCRACY... they are little elected representatives trying to threaten us into allowing them to turn democracies into concentration camps... this pic is of the claw marks from the naked Jew women and children as they suffocated in a gas chamber "shower"... the reminder why to never trust a "jew"ish" naz👁... ask them to publically define you as a "goyin".

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