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Alyssa Milano gets owned . It's delicious !!!
Seriousreason 7 May 2
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Sadly those who have consumed the woke systemic Racism cool aid . Deny any reality no matter how factual. Everything is Racist. Accountability is lacking. Oppressed remain permanently disadvantaged. Like Oprah the poor wee girl.
Honestly MLK would be spining in his grave.. 😭


ie see "serg97"s comment. unrelated to the vid but adds another excuse for people to hate... also how is she "countering" an opinion on a seperate vid from the actresses vid? "opinion vs fact" ... we already know the actresses opinion is bs... pointless "debate" to someone elses opinion vid... its "freedom of speech" not freedom of opinion...

Its not about hate leave that to the Woke.... its about stupidity.

i never said she was about hate. stop putting words in my mouth to pretend like you know something to tag me with a hate target and posturing like im asking for advice... Jehovah is my Elohim (Master) as instructed by the bible... were waiting for YOU to start repenting or just be bothered with praying to him for confirmation of my words... were over a year into tribulation, I AM one of Jehovahs biblical prophesied sack cloth prophet and theres nuthin new under whats left of our sun to me and you want to pretend to "advise" me of the obvious and add a racist tag "woke"?

Like continuously striking one's head against a wall. The cold hard reality of pointing out obvious truths. Will never be accepted as constructive criticism. . By Alyssa & her ilk.
When the oppressed , victim narrative comes from the former vice president down. Insinuating zero accountability. It's no wonder thing's are so divisive.

@Seriousreason seeing as how "racism" only exists to the idiots who "discuss" racism into existence for "likes". are you suggesting a child actor turned "color expert" on an agenda controlled "public" gov platform is now a "truther"? blm antifa racism ohhh my... our Gen X ended "racism" by shaming, ignoring... not giving validity to people even trying to popularize the n word. i mean "black/white" arent even " col ors" ... it represents the full spectrum of shades of gray. the "four sacred colors" of our tribes are actually 2. the full shade spectrum of the 2 colors red and "yellow" gold.
thats the problem... i just broke down the "hard reality" while you reacted over supposedly "obvious" "constructive criticism" from a child actor turned "youtube expert" about her facts regarding a shade of gray.


imagine ignoring the racists instead of taking the bait? this is a str8 agenda to divide us. of course a white actress is giving her opinion as fact... 1. shes a puppet to her handlers 2. yall grow her platform

I don't think Alyssa Milano would know the truth if it grabbed her by the pussy. Racism only persists in current year because it's been politically advantageous to constantly plug the oppressed victim narrative.. As well as furthering certain race based organisations.agenders .
In the words of Morgan Freeman. To end racism, " simply don't talk about it.


imagine ignoring the racists instead of taking the bait? this is a str8 agenda to divide us. of course a white actress is giving her opinion as fact... 1. shes a puppet to her handlers 2. yall grow her platform


That woman did a great job countering Alyssa.

Frustrating how oblivious certain celebrities are to their own bullshit . Guarantee the natural response would be to accuse those dismantling their argument of internalizing white supremecy. Anti racists are the true racists.
The amount of woke white SJWs berating Black people is disgusting.


LOL... good on her... actors should shut the f... up and stick to acting.


And remember, if you don't vote for Joe, you ain't Black!!!!!!!

Serg97 Level 8 May 2, 2021

TRUEINZAMPITAPRESSURE.... Plus somehow Jan 6 is the worse attack on democracy since the civil war.. So 9/11. or Pearl harbour cannot compare to 100 odd patriots tresspassing at the Capitol . C'mon man ...🙄

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