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In response to the death of a 48 year lady following vaccination.
You have 300 times more chance of dying from road crash. (Well fix the roads don't force vaccines.)
Can't open borders until children are vaccinated. The plan is to vaccinate children next year after adults have been done. Then you can travel( but only if you have had a vaccine passport. )
Professor on today program channel 9. Australia.

Poncho69 8 Apr 15
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You’ll notice that whenever the current Australian government is on any of the morning shows that they are saying “for those who want to be vaccinated.”
It is only the talking heads that are repetitious repeating that everyone MUST be vaccinated.

Jedly Level 6 Apr 15, 2021

I notice they say" when everyone is vaccinated" then we can go back to normal. Now not until end of next year. So 2020. Gone already. 2021 gone 2022 mostly gone.
So much for 3 weeks to flatten the curve. More like 3 years to steal your freedom


'Today' show is just a bunch of middle aged, out of touch wannabe celebrities, preaching the woke BS propaganda in a pretentious and condescending manner. Just like 'Sunrise' and 'The Project'. These pseudo intellectuals just push government propaganda in a softer manner. Trash tv for mental zombies

Tom81 Level 7 Apr 15, 2021

Agreed and today they said vaccinate children before borders open.


Then there's 'down the road', what happens. These were instant. I'm curious about longer term. You? I don't know if it will be a ill Gates extinction or not.
Not sure how he really is, what he's up to. You?

Why blood clots fro mRNA vaccines.
The new carry code mRNA that is normally only found inside cells. It is normally short lived. It is very unstable. That's why it is stored differently.
It this going 3 steps backwards? Why are they not giving an inert part of the virus like normal vaccines?
Our defence system has a normal immune response to stop mRNA. Which is very affective at stopping mRNA from entering the cell wall.
How long does the affect last?
Which cells is this mRNA designed to go into?
Are they gene based vaccines?
It has a spike protein (docking protein) a binding cell receptor. It has fusogenic properties. So has the potential to cause blood clots. Some people manufacture lots of immune response, some a little and most medium. It is the ones that have the largest distribution of the uptake of the vaccine that have the highest that pose the greatest risk of blood coagulation.
Is there a test to test for the distribution and subsequent immune response? I think so. So why not test routinely to manage the side affects? What site is this taken up in the body? Is there a test for this? Why do I say this, because if the site is in the brain this is when the risk of cognitive vein thrombosis (stroke or death) but if site is in the abdomen it is less risky and easier to treat. These clots still poses a risk of entering the blood stream and entering the heart. But as asked earlier how long does this remain active. Could thrombosis be a long term affect that will become more evidence as the time passes.
Unlike regular vaccines where you get a measured dose. But these new treatment it is distributed differently in every single person. So some high some low most medium. So people with high response have higher risk. This first come to light when clusters of young healthy women died from blood clots.

@Poncho69 And as some said, for relatively low risk problem, decent mortality outcome, best to wait and see.
Unfortunately, results might be long time coming.
We'll know when next wave comes.

We're all familiar with cost/benefit. Governments will up this 'cost' factor,
I'd suggest be ready for that. Gear up, so to speak.
I think we should get to know good lawyers, prevention, those who really are against it all. There are gutsy lawyers.

@2FollowHim in Australia they have a kangaroo Court

@Poncho69 Not courts,lawyers who for whatever reason want a voice.
Getting to know 'voices' of those who believe in law is useful.
Australia was originally partly criminal, renegade. I think little has changed.
I've seen more fine people, but they don't have the power.

@2FollowHim the law is a joke

@Poncho69 When people live just for themselves, family, friends, and they're smart, get power, move into leverage positions, everybody loses.
Those in power seem to benefit, for a while, but there's bigger fish than them, and they will also get gobbled up.
Take less, do more, be well liked. This eludes them.
We don't want it to elude us.

@2FollowHim the modern world seems to be selfish.


Head to the hills

I did ten years ago

@Poncho69 what is the hills? 😂

@Beachslim Great dividing range

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