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Canada’s worst ever Governor General is quitting after a scathing report on how she treated staff.

Julie Payette has been embroiled in one controversy after another and has shown little or no interest in her job as Canada’s representative of Queen Elizabeth II.

Payette’s lone qualification for the job: she’s a woman, which fit the woke narrative of Justin Trudeau. Canada has had outstanding female GG’s in the past, none of them as vacant as Payette.

Good riddance Madam GG, take Trudeau with you.

GeeMac 8 Jan 21
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It truly stuns and grieves me how much damage Trudeau has done to Canada. His woke, green, CCP approach has utterly decimated my homeland rendering it unrecognizable, forcing its citizens to their knees economically all so this pompous ass can beg for a position in the NWO at the UN. Please lock him up in an asylum for the criminally insane. The two criminals just sworn in here can join him.


The female equivalent of her boss, mr fancy socks

To Trudeau its all theater. Shakespeare " All the world's a stage ". Somebody please nail the curtain shut on this buffoon.

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