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Will we ever see female or non-white versions of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk?

Since women and non-whites are being held up at the expense of white men, will there be great innovators and pioneers from women or non-whites in our lifetimes? Are white men the only ones capable of greatness?

tenslein 6 July 9
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Steve Jobs and Elon Musk were founders of companies that made a profit from proof of concepts, they basically hired the real geniuses to make it happen.
Everything they have is based on the work and ideas of women that solved the problems without them knowing it.
The first computer program was written by a woman, before computers existed, frequency hopping was created by a woman and it makes our modern communications possible including computers.
There is many that inadvertently or indirectly contributed to computers and smartphones.


Lots of "non-white" people who have made their way in the world or deserved recognition or are wealthy (for those he see wealth as a measure of worth).
Aliko Dangote
Mike Adenuga
Michael Jordon
Mukesh Ambani
David Suzuki
Ma Huateng
Tadashi Yanai
Michael Jackson (et al)
Lakshmi Mittal
Patrice Motsepe
Serena Williams
Sammy Davis Jnr
Muhammad Ali
Jack Ma
Florunsho Alakija
Abdul Samad Rapiu
George Washington Carver
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jesse Owens
Colin Powell
Oprah Winfrey
Takemitsu Takizaki
Tiger Woods
Shiv Nadar
Hui Ka Yan
Mo Ibrahim
Madam C.J. Walker
Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Garrett Morgan
Dorie Miller
Elijah McCoy
Joe Lewis Barrow
Mae Carol Jemison
Gautam Adani

Etc, etc, etc... plenty of billionaires in there too.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World

  1. Alice Walton: $54.4 billion
  2. Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & Family: $48.9 billion
  3. Julia Koch & Family: $38.2 billion
  4. Mackenzie Bezos: $36 billion
  5. Beate Heister & Karl Albrecht Jr.: $33.3 billion
  6. Jacqueline Mars: $24.7 billion
  7. Yang Huiyan & Family: $20.3 billion
  8. Susanne Klatten: $16.8 billion
  9. Laurene Powell Jobs & Family: $16.4 billion
  10. Zhong Huijuan: $14.6 billion

@M1959 What?????

@M1959 oh dear please explain in English what you meant... I didn't get it...

On your list, there is one inventor's name I recognize: George Washington Carver. He came up with like 50 different ways to use peanuts. Pretty cool, but not really life changing in the way that something like the telephone is.

A lot of the people on your list are athletes and entertainers. Entertainment is culturally important, but does it change the world? If Jesse Owens didn't beat the Nazis at the Olympics, would that have changed the outcome of WW2? We know the nuclear bomb that whites built directly affected WW2.

@tenslein All are what I said many are rich which apparently is the only criteria of greatness offered in the topic.

@Lightman Great people are the people you can point to and say that the world was changed because of this person. They are irreplaceable because of their genius. These are the kinds of people who push technology forward. Without them, we might still be in the Stone Age. I guess the first great people were the ones who invented written language and the wheel.

@tenslein Well as per the topic examples... Jobs and Musk... both are just entrepreneurs... Jobs would have gone nowhere without Steve Wozniak and Musk was helped along by his brother Kimbal. Both had lots of good luck.
Those I mentioned simply refute the idea that only "white" people can achieve greatness... It is not RACE based. Temujin, Genghis Khan, also officially Genghis Emperor, was the founder and first Great Khan and Emperor of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death. NOT "white"... you would then also have to consider people like the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, and Mao Zedong. Then there's: Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Cai Lun, B.R Ambedkar, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Ghandi, Saladin, etc... I think you will find everyone I mentioned are non-white and great in some way, some are very rich and all have influenced our lives in some way.


Define greatness.

The ability to create technology that was meant to simplify life but in general has done nothing but turn humans into automatons with the attention span of a goldfish or is it writing a series of novels that got hundreds of millions of children and young adults to read books?

Greatness depends on your values. I think a great person is someone who possesses virtues like charity, patience, love, and mercy. Mother Theresa was a great person by my standards. Much greater than Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

@M1959 Oh I think she's spot on...

@M1959 To quote Yoda: Wars do not make one great...and neither do iPhones.

Greatness is subjective.

I'd define a great person as someone who significantly changes the world for the better through their intelligence. Edit: Actually, maybe they don't even have to change the world for the better because I think Einstein is great, but the nuclear bomb arguably made the world worse.

Mother Teresa was not so great. She let sick people suffer pain when she could've given them painkillers. She believed pain was good. Either she wasn't very intelligent or she was downright sadistic. I'd pick Mr. Rogers over Mother Teresa any day for the "most Christ-like figure" award.

Great thinkers can be great people too. I think Stefan Molyneux is a great thinker of our time, but only time will tell.


Only if women and non-whites find the talent, the initiative to come up with something that will turn them into Icons of industry and wealth.
Nobody can do it for them and there isn't anything standing in their way.

iThink Level 8 July 9, 2020

perhaps, but advantaging people based on race beyond their capabilities won't do it anymore than throwing a man that can’t swim into the arctic ocean will teach them how to do the breast stroke. It will take a complete culture shift advocating an attitude of aspiration and personal accountability to do that. Not the dependent victimhood that the Democrats are spouting.

RobD1 Level 7 July 9, 2020

Maybe in Japan, but not really to that scale of the aforementioned examples.

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