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Lesson from California. Your vote doesn't matter, if you have been replaced.

ramzpaul 8 Sep 16
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Elections are ongoing frauds, forensically traced as frauds, a fact that matters with the exception of those who decide that facts don't matter.


For those that choose to set aside facts, since they don't matter, it is then possible to blame the election results on the voters whose votes were not counted accurately.

I get it.


RZP has some very strange “takes” on a lot of issues.

I don’t think Larry Elder was a “GOP Pick” … among other things, he’s too much like Trump (who the “GOP” still doesn’t like).

I think anyone in their right mind KNOWS that Newsom NEEDS to be replaced … its just that the overwhelming majority of “Californians” … especially the Illegal Population but also the Silicone Valley Snowflakes and the Hollywood Biased Airheads … simply AREN’T in Their “Right Minds”


Viewing the USA in a historian's perspective I detect a continual decline in the quality of the USA citizenry. Allowing sub-quality people possessing cultures that are not conducive to maintaining the country-type that WAS the USA before the huge influx of sub-optimal people who are encouraged to NOT adapt to the existing culture within the USA is leading to a climate that will allow those filthy, vile highest-level elites and their army of lackeys to slither in with their New World Order and commence the slow, steady inevitable total take-over of the USA.

All Western countries are targeted. All Western countries are highly-influenced by the evil elite class and the corporate entities they own.

What Hitler envisioned is being attained by super-wealthy elites, corporations and the governments they control.

I am convinced that only a successful military coup using TOTAL WAR tactics against our foes can save Western civilization.

Obbop Level 7 Sep 16, 2021

Someone needs to write a novel: Seeing Pete Wilson in a Dream.

sqeptiq Level 9 Sep 16, 2021
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