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There's no going back for the GOP or the country after this. I think this may just be what spawns the death spiral that destroys the GOP and America as we know it forever. I always knew once Trump was nominated, it would be life altering. That his presidency would unleash the proverbial toothpaste that could never be put back into the tube. It would change the attitudes of people. Bring to the surface all those feelings of despair, anger, bitterness, and hatred that lay seething beneath the American psyche for years on both left and right. This rage we witness now, whether by left or right is the culmination of years of feeling left behind, abandoned, betrayed. The Trump presidency represents a Pandora's box that has been opened and cannot be closed. It was necessary. It had to happen. It's a day I've been waiting for for years.

RLeeBarker 6 Jan 7
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It's time to disengage. No point in fighting for control of a government especially when no one will cede any ground. Time to go your own way and set up your own state.


Demographics is destiny. We don't agree with the left and we can't coexist with lunatics. I agree with forming like minded groups, and we also need to support our own.
I think we need to teach each other marketable skills and form self sustaining communities. We have innate qualities that can overcome the odds.
Also this is my first comment on slug, Your a great man Ramz.


Correct, that is what made Wednesday a Triumph in the War of the Spirit, the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end.


What needs to be done is to NAME THE JEW. Nothing is possible without it. For all of Trump's maga-maga passion, he sucked up to Jews, the people most responsible for impugning him and pushing globalism against American nationalism. And all these angry Trumpers blame China, Russia, Iran, and even dinky Venezuela than face up to the fact that the US is a Jewish supremacist nation where both parties do nothing but suck up to Jews. And the problem is not 'leftism'. The super rich are with the Democrats and own the cucks in the GOP. Does anyone really think the Jewish super-rich fund the Democrats to bring about communism that will take away their wealth? And if indeed the Democrats are leftists into equality, how come they never call for equal justice for Jews and Palestinians?

The only hope is to Name the Jew(but without going 14/88 retard). And we need to call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism. Whites need to stop serving the Judeo-Nazi supremacism of Jews who've gotten totally out of control.

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