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Peaceful blacks beat a struggling raccoon to death with a baseball bat, on the streets of NYC while other peaceful, high IQ, not-fking-parasites-on-humanity-at-all apes laugh and cheer. Sickest thing you've seen in a while from the fake oppressed mob of perpetually violent scum.

sunny7 3 Aug 19
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Now I'm gonna misquote this but there was a saying that you could judge a civilization by the way they treat their animals (not food, just animals), also how they treat the weakest, but I digress

Yes, that is the essence of the famous Gandhi quote: " The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated." There are other really good quotes about a person's character and how they treat animals as well.
Thx for your reply🙂


Heard about this. What was the reason for it? Does anyone know?

There was no "reason" to do it. The animal was was struggling to run away, while the violent parasites beat it to death with a bat while laughing. Brought to us by the group that makes up% of the population yet commits over 80% of violent crime.

I could say just one word but presumably i would get banned

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