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White males are 30% of the USA population , maybe 3% of the world Population! This figure is on the decline ? What is your understanding of the data?

Leader1776 6 Aug 18
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Just saw this article today on population declines...I think the whole list, except for Japan, are European countries.


GeeMac Level 8 Aug 19, 2020

I have heard as a society gets wealthier the population declines. Countries last an average of 500 years. The black population is almost declining... But it seems obvious that the black population is made up of a few white mothers. Honestly with the world wide recession on the way welfare will greatly change. Back during the great depression the government came to check on my grandmother's refrigerator.


It’s because the white population as a whole is declining. The bucolic days the baby boomers enjoyed where you could graduate from high school, get a job at a factory, and receive a salary adequate enough that you could buy a house in the newly emerging suburbs and take care of a family of six are long since over. Now married white couples (and that’s getting rare) are more likely to both be working at professional jobs to be able to afford a house and perhaps one child. Most white people still see it as a stigma to receive public assistance and so they plan for smaller families they can afford.

Andyman Level 8 Aug 18, 2020

Systemic racism and sexism against Caucasian males.

Triumph Level 6 Aug 18, 2020

That’s a topic that usually shut down instantly by woke progressives.

A good rule of thumb is that population growth is greatest in places where the freedom of women is restricted: usually countries that are non-liberal, non-democratic, poor, and with lower literacy and education rates.

Population rates in liberal democracies — where women are equal to men under the law — are usually extremely small, and mostly fuelled by immigration.

Douglas Murray has discussed offering incentives to Western families for having more children as an alternative to spending billions on the immigration system. Hungary is experimenting with the idea — loan forgiveness, tax breaks etc — but has been denounced as anti-immigrant and racist for encouraging citizens to build larger families.

The data show the high growth areas are mostly in Africa and Asia.

GeeMac Level 8 Aug 18, 2020
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