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20 minutes into today's Happy Homelands and I'm getting frustrated with Styx.

I don't think Styx understands how entrenched the anti-White leftists are into EVERY institution. He doesn't understand the non-violent pressure that is being brought against all who deviate one iota from the latest leftist wackiness. This ignorance probably can be explained by (1) Styx is living in a foreign country, (2) he has no kids, and (3) he never had to deal with working at a corporate job.

As I posted before, I am a second-class worker at my company because of my skin color, my sex, and my sexual orientation. We had a minute of silence for George Floyd and all the other innocent blacks murdered by the evil U.S. of A.! My company donates money to these anti-White organizations. It has made clear it wants less heterosexual White males. Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity uber alles! In other words, DIE, whitey!

If I speak against any of this I will be severely reprimanded at best and maybe even let go if the internal leftist MOB decides to target me. And this, even though I do a damn good job and my position is rock solid otherwise.

My son is a second-class student at his public school. My son's school now has seminars about White Privilege. In the fall, I expect him to have to attend anti-racism workshops or the like where it will be made clear that Whiteness and White people are a problem.

And because of the relentless propaganda (and maybe fear), many Whites here go along with it willingly. And these Whites, along with many Indians, Chinese, etc. will shout you down if you say anything against it.

Does Styx realize that any of this is going on?

It's like the end of The Camp of the Saints where anti-White guilt and leftism has rotted the West so much that the Whites willingly give up all their power and help destroy "White Supremacy". What this means is that Whites have much of their property (and sometimes lives) taken from them and, after things settle down, the whole world becomes a shithole.

I wonder if Styx ever read it. Have you, @ramzpaul?

Choppy 5 July 11
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Never thought Iā€™d say this, but I think Styx is out of touch on a handful of topics. He is pretty well spoken, which is why it took me a bit of time to realize it, but saying how trump checked off the boxes was the straw that broke the camels back for me


Im watching now and I don't get how Styx does not get why its different now than the 60's. Back then the SJW PC Cultural Marxist Jerks were just like Charles Manson, low level street thugs. Now they have corporations, media, Hollywood, and a fear culture that forces action. I wish we could say these are just moronic goons, but legislation has been passed based on this. Cities are thinking about defunding cops now as we speak.


Ramz has read The Camp of the Saints


I remember his videos with all the books piled behind him. Didn't see The Camp of the Saints šŸ™‚


I don't understand how Styx can say that Trump has "checked all the boxes".

I'll vote for Trump in 2020. There's no real alternative. But the enthusiasm I had for the 2016 election is greatly diminished. I'm back to the "lesser of two evils" mindset.

Triumph Level 6 July 11, 2020

There are a lot of us going through similar to what you are. I really like Styx, but he has never worked a corporate job, or owned a business. He is quite a young lad, and he has no kids. He HAS taken personal risks, his name is out there, and I give full credit for that. He is also in married bliss 4000 miles away. At this point, I think Styx is losing some context, not gaining it, as he seems to think.

YZF2000 Level 4 July 11, 2020
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