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Supporting data for a very limited voting franchise

US Interest In Coronavirus Waning


Most people got swept up in the Panic. I understand why. Early on, (when Dow was 18,000) in the lounge at work CNN was on and I had lunch for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes I was feeling scared even though I knew it was a hoax.

Likewise, anything you wish to achieve politically requires repetition of a message. This is why Bob Whitaker's Mantra was so effective. For instance, if you don't want to be locked into political union with the evil crazies, you have to repeat that message.

If enough people repeat that message, it will happen.

Afterthought 6 July 1
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@Aft: +1
Why even OSHA says masks unhealthy.
And our govt would never lie to us. 😉

Full disclosure: Even if these f'n masks INCREASED 02 level intake, I wouldn't wear one. Fcuk msaks.

JATW Level 5 July 1, 2020

Also props on the BUGS ...