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Really how long will SLUG last needs content creators to post here only not even ramzpaul post his videos here

M1959 6 June 30
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I like the Slug format as it is. Formats which bounce a topic to the top every time someone posts in it invariably get bogged down by three or four people who get into a "back and forth" over the subject and keep any current comments at the bottom of the page. I like the latest comments at the top.

Triumph Level 5 July 1, 2020

I post all my videos on here.

I need to look for them here so I don't have to go to youtube

Get off youtube completly Ramz... Not sure why you are not updating bitchute also.. You will be kicked off youtube as some point, for sure


Slug has problems, namely the stream of consciousness style of setup. All posts are pushed down by new posts, so nothing lasts. There needs to be a way to keep certain topics "front paged" at all times. Also, why do I need to "subscribe" to a group to post? I am already subscribed to slug, no?

@Afterthought I saw that too. They need to have when a comment is made on an older post it pushes it back up to the top. Basically make the post with the most recent comment appear first or at the top in the group. 2nd I wish they could have a count of how many times a post was viewed by a person. This way if your post got 0 comments and 0 likes you could at least know it was viewed 10 times by 10 different people. If you shared a link in a post you would then know the people who viewed probably clicked on the link and checked it out.


Let’s see where it goes. Unlike many other forums. I find that the people here make thoughtful posts and people are very civil. It reminds me of the older days of the internet when people wanted to share ideas and connect with others. Certain forums have a certain clientele and they aren’t so good.

Yes you are right. I wondered why I liked SLUG so much. I was a big user of Usenet News back in the days of dial up when a 28.8k modem over a telephone line was fast.

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