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Looks like I have been right since the beginning. COVID-19 is a highly infectious, but mild, virus. []

ramzpaul 8 June 15
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LOL i had the coof back in late January perhaps early feb, dizzy as fuck, had to have a neighbor change my kitchen lightbulb tottering on the step ladder and i'm older than you, yeah but i survived this has been an amazing PsyOp and it worked


I was literally banned from Faceberg for explaining the data to people related to the incalculability of case fatality rate when you don't even know the No:Mild: Severe symptom ratios for those infected- and the psyop this viral hype has amounted to. Sweden even stopped tracking their recoveries weeks ago, they never had a lock-down, and they suppose herd immunity has either been achieved or is close and upcoming for them. Jews literally just trying to distract from the continued push for ZION, orchestrated collapse of American markets so that those in the know could buy back on the low, destruction of small businesses, and of course take eyes off of Israel's role in the Jeffery Epstein trafficking saga that has unfolded. Imagine at this time trusting people like Dershowitz, Mike Cernovich, Ronald Lauder, Lex Wexner, or an endless list of DC and NYC MEGA Group Jewish swamp monster parasites. The "Never Again" Israeli slogan needs to become "Never Again Trust A Nose".


The common cold.


The 'experts' may have subjected us to a blunder greater than any since the Iraq War.

And just as that war dragged on and on after the initial blunder, we (at least here in Hawaii) are being subjected to muh second wave paranoid nonsense. Our leaders learn nothing as our state plunges into poverty.

AMRX Level 5 June 15, 2020

Definitely. I predict this bs will drag on rest of the year regardless of hospital capacity, relevant statistics or the average age of death “With Covid” which btw,, is higher than the average life expectancy. The average age of Covid fatality is 80 plus worldwide. Doesn’t matter. Everywhere I go, given the masks, the alerts, the closures and cancellations, you’d think we were having a local cholera, polio or yellow fever outbreak w no vaccine.

@CarriePCox Before the latest wave of BLMania (which has even hit Hawaii where there are few blacks), I thought Biden winning the election would end the virus nonsense and we'd be told about the 'Biden Rebirth' of America. I'm reminded of this Z-Man post:


In the 1980’s, for example, the newspapers featured stories about the so-called homeless crisis on a weekly basis. That’s when we went from calling them bums to pretending their only problem was a lack of shelter. Once Clinton assumed power, the homeless stories disappeared.

But no. Tonight the local news mentioned that a Hawaii school is spending $3 million on virus safety to reopen this fall. Not many 80-year-olds in school. We keep being told about cases. Not deaths because there haven't been any for some time. Nonetheless the fearmongering continues. The newsreader was expressing concern that fewer people were wearing masks these days.

I laughed when I heard the local paper just laid off half its 'news' staff. The fishwrap is nothing but COVID Floyd, COVID Floyd, day after day. In a state where most people don't know where Minnesota is, much less Minneapolis. Useless and irrelevant. Because our 'journalists' get the same script as their comrades elsewhere in the USSA. So the Hawaii media make it sound as if we'll all die from the plague at any moment if the white supreeeemists don't kill us first. Absurd.

The masks, the kneeling ... we're seeing a new religion develop before our eyes.

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