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Panorama again
BikerPetehall70 8 May 2
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Posted by dd54Its not a matter of whether we should address corruption in the Republic but what we must do...

Posted by Joehlert11And this person is a proud Biden supporter. wonder if she gets the irony. probably not.

Posted by GeeMacOn a day a self-congratulatory media billed as one of healing and unity, the message they presented sounded more like division and revenge.

Posted by 2perosI Think We All Agree

Posted by WorldSighThe tech overlords are hard at work removing/erasing Trump’s final farewell speech as President! This has happened before in other countries, and it did not end well!

Posted by 2perosComing Soon To A Neighborhood Near You

Posted by 2perosWhite Supremacists Are Everywhere...

Posted by WeltansichtOnly a matter of time...

Posted by CookieMonsterAs Paul J Watson says, we are the counter culture.

Posted by CookieMonsterPOL is always right.

Posted by WeltansichtWhen you silence your opposition, that makes you the fascist.

Posted by RemiDallaireWith more and more soldier in the capital ....I have a strange deja vue feeling.

Posted by ObiwannosiSecurity .

Posted by Republic7Yeah Biden Won...........or not.

Posted by GeeMacA British Columbia woman has failed in her attempt to halt gender-altering surgery on her teenager.

Posted by GeeMacCanada’s Conrad Black makes a case for voter fraud and lists the many accomplishments of the Trump administration.

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