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Norte Dame students call for the removal of white authors from the curriculum.

Bye-bye Shakespeare; bye-bye Donne; bye-bye Hawthorn; bye-bye Twain; bye-bye Steinbeck: bye-bye Mailer: bye-bye Pynchon; bye-bye Bellow.

Speaking of Bellow, his comment on multiculturalism still seems on target: “Show me the Tolstoy of the Zulus, I’ll read him.”


Edgework 8 Nov 25
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Where is this going to end?


Who is writing the checks? Stop pell grants and decertify all humanities programs that show intent of cultural revisionism. That should remove over half the problem. The rest of the issue requires a solution that a greek king used when dealing with the bacchanal revolts during the Greek city state period. It was not a pretty solution, but it saved the society of that region.


Hands off my Uncle Nathaniel.


perhaps we should eliminate slavery from the curriculum as well because it contains too many black voices? this is racism at its finest


How about we set these lunatics free of ND so they can exercise their longed for society of perceived zero micro-agressions in a land far far away. Their solipsism and adulation of their victim status is infantile at best and dangerous at worst. I'm waiting for the law suits whites will file in response to this rabid racism. This is how civil wars begin but since the political activist teachers only taught revisionist history these educated idiots most likely don't know that. If ND buckles to these demands they should lose all federal tax-subsidies but the doemocrats would block that. Perhaps an EO 🤔

dd54 Level 8 Nov 25, 2019

Bye bye education

I think its essentially over except for the sciences, math and technical studies.

Sorry: math is now racist. And history is so racist we have to change it.


If you look at their other claims(read further down to parietals) you will see that these activists are just perverts and anarchists.
They have always been around..: we just now allow them a voice with social media and political correctness.

Hanno Level 7 Nov 25, 2019

The works of many great philosophers and artists were lost for centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, and it looks like we may be headed for a repeat.

GeeMac Level 8 Nov 25, 2019
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