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Hey, feminazis and cuckold beta males, where you at???
Coptic Christian woman pleads for equal treatment in inheritance.

ForeverFree76 7 Nov 15
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Well, their Christianphobia does not allow them to see Christians being victimized to begin with. Also the ones in this country are too focused on their attempt at a palace coup to pay attention to anything else in the world. Between the excitement of thinking they may win, and the total fear at the thought they won't get rid of Trump, they just can't be worried about something over in some country most of them could not find on a map even

@ForeverFree76 Once again their own crimes have snuck up behind them to bite them in the backside, and they just don't understand!


She'd be killed in many Islamic nations for even asking. I don't understand the lefts love of Islam. I believe in freedom of religion to be sure. Pray to whatever God you so choose. I choose Jesus but I would not allow my government to be ruled by the Bible and these nations will never escape the dark ages until they refuse to live in a theocracy.


Exactly and these stupid leftist women/so called men do not realize one day this could one of their descendants trying to fight for equality in the future! SMH! Just validates when any Islamic person says ALL Religions should have freedom, they only mean Islam. To them Islam is the only religion which is ruled by Sharia law! So really they r lying to u but in their perverted views they have a right too lie!

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