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Maurie is calling this an honest mistake....And I say....There's an awful lot of those HONEST mistakes..

RemiDallaire 9 Nov 14
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I really thought he was the dad. The ears and similar appearance to his childhood photo made it seem as if he would be found to be the dad. I am surprised. I am also surprised he is only 23 years old. He looks much older.

me13 Level 3 Nov 14, 2019

I thought so too


That fellow may not be the boys biological father, but he has the chance to be the boy's daddy. My ex cheated on me starting in our engagement and all through our marriage. After I filed the divorce papers we were having a psat about something, and I informed her I was well aware of her infidelities. I think I about threw her into shock when I named several of the men I knew for certain she had slept with. In spite of that I have never had any thoughts that my kids were not mine.
My making her realize I knew the truth about her stewed around in her head for a couple of days. She came back at me several days later suggesting I have DNA tests done between me and my kids saying that since I was so certain she was unfaithful then maybe they were not my kids. Her real intent was to make me angry hoping I would deny my kids so she could tell them later how I said I didn't want them. I shot that down so convincingly she never said anything about it again.
First I actually laughed at her. Then I told her there was no need for any DNA tests. She asked why not so I told her that even if I were not the biological father I was most definitely their daddy, and they were and always would be my kids.
Speaking of my kids I need to give them a call today.

Good for you.... Unfortunately Not all men can afford ot should be a white knight in shinning armor...I did not do a DNA test for my boy... Maybe I should...I'm actually scared a bit about it... I love my child.

@RemiDallaire At the point my oldest was 9, and my youngest was 3. If the ex had run a DNA on her own and proven I was not the father she would have done so just to mess with, get me angry so I would walk away. I think things would have turned out far different than she would have thought as I would have really lost my control to my anger then, so I can appreciate what those guys go through. Not because she lied, but because she would have legal grounds to deny me any contact with my kids. If she had done that then a few of her lies about me may have become truths. Now the kids are grown so she has no authority over them any more. Watching the fellow in this video if he would step back for a moment, and took a good look at that kid I think he could do a world of good for the boy being his daddy. But he would need to learn to keep better control of his anger. One of the reasons I felt the way I did when the ex tried pulling that was because I never knew my father. Not only did I love my kids, but there was no way they were growing up without a dad like I did.


IMO, Maurie is a piece of shit, living off of human misery.....I understand it is very entertaining, but children shouldn't be used as money makers for anyone!

True but these people choose to come on the show. They call him. I guarantee if maurie called me asking to be a guest, I would decline.

But this became such a quick money making scheme for anyone with even the slightest ties to television, and not just here but other countries as well. I found videos from a British show, Jeremy Kyle that was a bit like Jerry Springer. His hsow was shut down because one of his repeats sets of guests killed another. One thing I did learn about his show though was they did some serious follow through with the guests. He ran for something like 15 years, and one of his shows I found on youtube was a show bringing back guests who had taken advantage of a drug rehab program they offered guests. They really did help them in wonderful ways.

@me13 I agree, that they must volunteer, but its still like a Roman style collusium.type arena and is disgusting, imo

@me13, @KCSantiago The Kyle model sounds a bit more humane.

@purdyday Some of these "guests" want to notoriety of being on the show. It is their 15 minutes of fame. I met a girl a few years back who had gone on Jerry Springer back in the 90s when she was young. She said her and her friend lied to get on the show. They pretended her friend was cheating with her boyfriend or something like that. They just wanted to get a free stay at a nice hotel and a chance to get on TV.

That makes sense, a lot of it probably is staged.

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