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Somehow I am not surprised.

Weltansicht 8 Nov 28
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@Daveclark5 @MelanieHope @Serg97 @sqeptiq @Sensrhim4hizvewz

another interesting turn of events of coincidental synchronizations perhaps


The elites are not even TRYING to cover up their coverup. It's like they are saying to the plebs, "Yea, we gang-raped your 13-year-olds, so what are you going to do about it"?

I started reading your article, but had to stop to check who the insider is when I started seeing erroneous data sprinkled in nonchalantly among lots of correct info. It appears this “Business Insider” is owned by Henrey Blodget who has a troubled history with integrity and is has a left bias (I know, that’s redundant).

I was surprised to see this type of source coming from you since I’ve appreciated and enjoyed much of your content/comments in the past.

@Daveclark5 just pointing out the leftist bias and MSM narrative spin/influencing DOMINATING the entire event horizon

sorry you feel 'dysenchanted' about my posting it, but that does not stop me from pointing out the egregious bad behaviour of the liberal mindset and their equivocations

and considering the timing of it all, makes me feel it is social engineering constructs, following Rittenhouse and other 'false flagging' events

thank you for your sincerity opinion and hopefully you may & will continue to enjoy my satire sarcasm & tomfoolery in the future 😉




That's a woman?


The LIBs/DEMs have been packing the court for 60 years!!!
Are you finally waking up, now that it may well be to late??????????????????

Serg97 Level 8 Nov 28, 2021

Trump set them back a bit

@Daveclark5 And it didn't take THEM long to correct that problem, now did it!!!!!
It is easy to stuff a ballot box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And THEY have enough people "IN CHARGE" to get away with it!!!!!
Will 2022 or 2024 surprise you when they go the same way?????


That leer would strike fear in Pennywise!

sqeptiq Level 9 Nov 28, 2021

This trial will be swept under the rug and white-washed everywhere possible. Very few shocking truths will be divulged

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