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LINK Brit Hume: Collateral damage from lockdowns 'is extraordinary' - WND

While it's becoming painfully obvious that 99,9% of the pop will survive COVID, what's the percentage that will not survive the economic fallout. I hear numbers like 25-50% of restaurants, bars and tourism-related businesses won't make it past this fiasco.

Are those numbers based on the same failed modelling numbers, only in reverse, that so successfull instilled enough unwarranted fear into the masses and drove them into isolation?

Ya really got to hand it to them, the globalists sure know precisely what buttons to push to sieze absolute control. Old stock Conservatives have been out matched and outwitted for so long it just might be too late to mount any kind of meaningfulresistance to this superior clutch for power. I sure hope not.

NonAgrssvMight 7 May 1
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Not that complicated.

The R-nought value for SARS COV2 is well-known now. Its 5.7 over 2.5 days. If you can do the math, you know that over 10 billion people would be infected in 5 weeks. So not only did the Chinese have zero chance of containing it by the time they realized it was a problem, the World was fully infected before even being aware of the existence of the problem in China. Dr Li Wenliang announced the first case to have been known 17 November. Trump closed down flights to/from China and Europe on the 31st of January, while Democrats were celebrating his impeachment in the House, 10 weeks after the first case was known, while WHO was still claiming no transmission to human to human.

99% of COVID-19 deaths are smokers or those with serious pre-existing conditions. That's why Italy has more victims and Sweden fewer. Those of us not in that group are at far more danger of getting killed driving to the grocery store than from the virus. Social distancing was always irrelevant. And while the infectiousness of SARS COV2 is four times the Spanish Flu, the mortality rate is almost certainly less than the flu. See "Multiple Conditions Increases Risk." []

The media has been nearly bankrupt because it is so mistrusted by the public, and badly needed a sensational story, so they made the most of it as a matter of their survival. And the New York Times proudly reported that 87% of the media are Democrats. The public was only too happy to panic on command, and leadership had no choice but to respond accordingly.

Tell your leadership that this ends now.

Except, the first known case by CCP was Nov-2019. It seems likely this could have easily been contained if CCP acted any sense of ethical urgency regardless of saving face, if it was indeed an accidental inital transmission in the lab and not anything evilly planned.

@NonAgrssvMight, 17 November to be exact, according to Dr Li Wenliang. No, that kind of R-nought is far too fast for anything but lockdown within 2 days of discovery. Dr Li was arrested 6 weeks later. That is the very first time officials could have responded. By that time, not only was the virus all the way across China, the 60,000 who fled Wuhan into the World, had spread it to the entire World. Just because you THINK is should be possible to contain it, doesn't make it so. The math proves it.


when you lose your job, home, and family you just many just lose all your inhibitions to violence.


Not just business failure, how many marriages will end

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