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Woke policies are killing scientific research, and in turn, people, in Justin Trudeau’s woke Canada.

The Research Council of Canada has blacklisted a top Canadian laser scientist because he believes in hiring assistants based on qualifications and ability, rather than skin colour. Prof. Patanjali Kambhampati offended woke sensibilities by saying “I don't care about the colour of your skin. I'm interested in hiring someone who wants to work on the project and is good at it”.

In another unbelievable case, a researcher in traditional Indian medicines, who says cancer is “a symptom of European colonialism” was awarded a $1.2-million grant.


GeeMac 8 Nov 24
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Maybe the new GG will confirm the Trudeau is the racist rich boy we know he is. I sure as hell hope she does a Jody Wilson-Raybould on him.

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 25, 2021

You are being too kind. This is not "woke". This is Baizuo racism.
If you are not colorblind, you are a racist.
Unless, of course, you design makeup -- I give you a pass on that one.


Trudeau’s border forces are now fining people in Abbotsford for crossing into the USA to buy fuel as a result of flooding and no fuel. Meanwhile he is ushering in more illegals for free. Is there no JUSTICE in this country anymore. No Justice no peace coming!

Rick-A Level 8 Nov 24, 2021

It’s preposterous that in the middle of a natural disaster and fuel rationing people are getting $5,000+ fines for a half hour gasoline run. Compare that to RCMP officers carrying the luggage of illegal “refugees” streaming across the US border into Canada during the Trump administration .

@GeeMac I’m on Reddit and you’d be amazed at the attitude the younger generation has. As long as you are black you can be excused for doing anything. I fear for the future.

@Rick-A I’m with you. What really strikes me is how immigrant kids view Canada. One young girl from Mexico I’ve written about constantly complains about Canadian police and the “crappy” public health system. A young Filipino just sees a dark, hopeless system. Obviously, these kids are blissfully ignorant of the countries their parents came from.

@GeeMac By the time they need a pension or a knee replacement there will nothing left for them, so the age of entitlement and Trudeauisms will be a shocking wake up.


This is what makes Trudeau so dangerous! Any type of racism is disgusting and Trudeau's form of reverse discrimination is worse because it is planned at the highest levels of government


The stupidity will never stop until these government fools are over thrown!

Header Level 8 Nov 24, 2021

With too many stupid and easily bought voters continuing to elect these grifters and crowding out and browbeating intelligent electors , many who've grown weary of the numbing political haranguing spewed by the left, good candidates are less likely to tackle the slings and arrows of modern politics stay out of the fray.

@MDonaldson true

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Posted by GeeMacDonald Trump’s meeting with Kyle Rittenhouse at Mar-a-Lago yesterday sent woke leftists into drool-spewing spasms; but the woke-progs are having a complete meltdown over Donald Trump Jr.

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