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It would only take minutes per day

KeVince 8 Oct 20
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IRS is a bunch of commies. Next they'll be counting how many bananas you eat

that would be because they are jealous all they get to do is suck pink bananas


I’m guessing the banks would respond by imposing fees on each transaction, coming and going. Minions of the government.


600 is so small anyway, they can't keep up with that, most people pay rent more than 600. Hell, even so ial security checks are more than that

A trip to Home Depot, Cos-Co, mechanic, bike shop,even the furniture and appliance stores can cost more than $600.


Only the "malcontents" would do it. They would not have to audit they just create the list of malcontents and it drops their social credit score. It can be done automatically, 2 points per transfer. Not a big deal for if just paying mortgage, bigger deal as it accrues, lose the right to travel or buy groceries, etc.

they would most likely drop your credit score if you went around cutting fiber optic cables that led to government buildings too.

@KeVince I bet that would get a more immediate reaction.


I’m in! I also have family members with accounts I regularly transfer funds or they transfer funds to my account. In stead of the $104/month I transfer to one of their accounts, I could transfer $704 and ask them to transfer back $604. I could do something similar with others. Sounds like an interesting experiment. Let’s Go Brandon!

If you are retired and have nothing better to do you could open multiple accounts and spend all day transferring money from bank to bank.

@KeVince good point. Sounds like a good idea. it might put me on a domestic terrorist list along with all the PTA parents though.

@Daveclark5 I may already be on one.


They don't have to audit everyone in order to stave off active un-cooperation from the people. Think of the principle of how the many are controlled by the few.
The very threat of personal sacrifice is sufficient to deter the vast majority of people

iThink Level 8 Oct 20, 2021

This is an interesting book that explains the current selective enforcement of Federal laws
Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent
by Harvey A. Silverglate

@KeVince thanks I'll take a look at it

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