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LINK 562 - The Next Lockdown Step, New Police Powers, Police Service Pushing Back & Also Sus Officers

Ontario interprovincial border is now closed, and police have been given the power to charge citizens for driving without an acceptable reason. ID and home address must now be provided without cause. Failure to comply will result in fines!

WorldSigh 8 Apr 17
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You must realize the mindset of these Covid drama queens. They are like the fictional Count Dracula who drank the blood of others in order to live forever. What kind of a sick creatures from the bowels of hell would dictate for all the children (who are themselves bulletproof against Covid) to be barred from playgrounds and schools so that the immune-compromised elders can traipse around society without quarantining?

The logical thing would have been to quarantine all of the retirement homes and allow the rest of society to acquire herd immunity the natural way. Of course, there is nothing logical about the way leaders are handling this “crises”. Unless of course, there are ulterior motives...


SO FAR, it is great to live in the US of A!!! Good Luck, neighbors!!!

Serg97 Level 8 Apr 17, 2021

Do you mean to say that the US is like China with virtually no deaths? I think I missed that headline.

NO, I'm saying, why don't THEY tell us how many have died FROM "KUNG-FLU" not how many died WITH "KUNG-FLU"!!!! That would be a start!!!!

Of course, states like California and New York are not faring too well. I truly hope fortune continues to smile on the rest of you. God bless my southern neighbours!

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