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LINK This is why the media should STOP ignoring what happened to Avi Yemini - YouTube

Authoritarians don't stop once those who opposed their initial rise to power are subdued!

DaveO276 7 Feb 22
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Yep leftist hypocrisy clearly seen again! Great job Avi, this apology will serve you well in your court cases!
Your are an accredited journalist as per the Australian government! Can’t wait for your clear wins!
Hope you can then sue for your mistreatment!

Header Level 8 Feb 22, 2021

He's such an obvious grifter.

bastion Level 7 Feb 22, 2021

Got proof? Or just another statement without facts to back it up?

@Tom81 []

"He was convicted of unlawful assault against his former wife"

“No matter what the left call us, I am the world’s proudest Jewish Nazi,” he told the cheering crowd. “Tommy is my brother, Tommy is my leader,” he shouted.

"He was sued by his brother for defamation"

If you want to fund him you can do so here.


"is creating news reports the MSM refuses to show you!" - lol

He's suing the police too lol


"But I need your help. This lawsuit will likely cost $50,000 or even more. The government has unlimited resources and top lawyers at their disposal. It really is a David vs. Goliath battle.

But I’m up for it. If you give me the tools, I’ll finish the job — and fight for freedom for all of us.

Can you please chip in? Whether it’s $5 or $500, I sure need the help"


You can pay him $500 monthly LOL.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated Yemini threw a chopping board at his wife's head. He has asked us to clarify he threw the board and it hit her accidentally. looooooooooool he throws things at his wife then asks for people to help lie for him.

He's such an obvious and comical grifter, really blows my mind how people fall for this stuff, always the begging fund raisers too, great stuff.


  1. Brag media is primarily a music industry and pop culture magazine... that went out of print. Great source...if you're looking for a gig guide, not actual journalism.
  2. Did you even read the whole article? You've selectively ignored big chunks of it to paint your own narrative. Big surprise there 😱.
  3. Victorian police are petty thugs and trash. Suing them might make them pull their heads in a bit. And the donations have not only gone to help his court case but also to help regular citizens (who couldn't afford lawyers) fight their dodgy fines.
  4. MSM in Australia is complete garbage. Without independents, all we would have is pro-gov propaganda and celebrity gossip. And yes, he has exposed some of the MSM bias and BS. No one on your side of the fence has managed to do more than print out pamphlets nobody wants.

@Tom81 lol you guys LOVE your grifters don't you?

So much easy money in telling right wingers exactly what they want to hear.

Please fund him! He just needs your money so he can do REAL free speech journalism honestly! He's with Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson and they are all really honest but they NEED your money!!!!!!

@bastion and MSM doesn't need money and never tells lies or misleads the public 🤣. Keep paying (and loving) the BBC for trash propaganda through taxes and licences, even though they DON'T NEED your money🤣.
Lift your game, troll. That was barely half arsed.

If @bastion had more brain he/she/it would still be a halfwit.
Obviously it ignores the fact that the media are subscription based & as for the lefty propaganda mouthpieces - BBC, ABC, SBS & others are tax payer funded - which is not a choice


#DictatorDan & his mob can't handle tough questions - its exposes him as the rabid dictator arsehole he is & has been

w0tn0t Level 7 Feb 22, 2021

What goes around comes around!

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