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I hate it when wealthy Americans tell me "I've been to Mexico. Your piss-poor crumbled shithole is not that bad, there's people laughing and being assholes like everywhere else." I hated watching this video, as it was like watching the exact moment when a man gets his heart broken. It's a good example though, of what constitutes the true agony of living in a shithole like Mexico. It's not the lack of riches or the daily beans because you can't afford McDonalds. You see, our minds play this trick on us that help us adapt to our situations. Since we live under the boot of our narco-government, we know we are fucked. But then our psychological defense mechanisms come and make us stupider so we can unreasonably believe there's hope with this project/political party/candidate/any new governmental lie. So the hidden agony is within the fourth dimension. Is living the heartbrake over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again that creates this hell as we simply can't help it without being able to own guns nor can reach out for help. Ever came across one of my posts where I beg for the US to colonize at least the Sonora State just south of AZ? Well... if Communists/Globalists/Plutocrats/Technocrats/Stupidity takes over the US, our very last long shot will be long gone. Sigh. Don't become us. You don't want this.

A1fredo 8 Nov 13
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A1fredo. You know me and you know I have nothing but love for the Mexican people. As you also know, I've driven through Mexico to Belize and to Honduras many times. There are areas in south east Mexico that, I guess, you could call jungle.
I understand you now have a very good president in power. I hope he makes changes that are substantial and makes a lasting difference in peoples life's.

Oh! And in many trips driving though Mexico I was robbed about four times. All of the robberies were committed by police officers.

???!!! Our president is a Commie!!! He sold us tp China by accepting a loan for a non-existent vaccine!!! He was all like "You head out, don't worry. Ill let you know when to stop going out!!!" Literally!! What are you talking about?!?!?!

Im sorry, that man is... just... like... .... "No" desnt cut it....



For the record, I have been to Mexico, granted it was the early 1980's and at the time both Acapulco and Mexico City were FAR from shitholes, quite the contrary, 4 to 5 star hotels, beautiful beaches (OK, the privately owned chunks of beaches in front of the hotels were patrolled by machine gun toting private security but they treated us gringos well, fantastic restaurants and a favorable dollar to peso exchange rate, had tons of fun there. Right as the drug war really started to heat up i guess

Pro tip: Mexico's touristic attractions are not real Mexico. Those are part of the elite's bubbles. And ecen if you met our every day life, as I said: what's bad is not something you can perceive with your senses. So woupd appretiate if you stopped misjudging our situation, unless you think Im lying pr Im wrong about it somehow.

@A1fredo Holy shit! I'm elite now? Wow feels good man.
Bullshit, My wife and I were just international tourists. Were we Elite if we went to Canada? Or France? No, just Tourists. Are Guatamalans or Mexicans Elite if they come here (well. I guess maybe with papers or passports they might be)
And from what I've heard from international friends, those elite resorts are disasters now

@MikeHunt Dude. Traveling internationally is an extreme luxury to people who struggle with the chance of starvation twice a month We don't have kitchens that feed the homeless. If you get too sick, you die waiting for your doctor's appointment. The police broke into my house to steal from me personally like three months ago, and there's nothing I can do. People here die without ever leaving the State, let alone the country! Some will never experience what it's like to fly. So yes. Elites.

@MikeHunt Either way, I don't know why you focused on that, this post isn't about me. I'm just trying to make you aware what happens when your country goes to shit, so you can prevent it. I don't want you to be in my situation. This was about the US.

@A1fredo Gracias Amigo


off topic, but any truth to the rumors that Chinese are paying the cartels in fentanyl for access to areas of the jungle with rare earth minerals?

RobD1 Level 7 Nov 13, 2020

In Mexico? Jungles? I'm unfamiliar. I don't know of any jungles in Mexico. At the very least, they're not famous. There is something about China and minerals though. I can't really remember what it was. I think I heard it from a couple of different taxi drivers. They are the people who are relatives of the ones that work in the mines. Sorry I can't be more clear. I didn't really care for the story, but it's the only thing that came to mind cross-referencing China, narcos and minerals. What I heard was mostly related to how cartels are also in the business of assaulting the cars that move the metals. That was news for me. I can't recall what China had to with it. I can't really see how China would be able to do business with the cartels though, not directly. However, doing business with our government is almost the same as doing it with the cartels as they're in bed together, so perhaps you are right. Funny question. Any reason in particular you ask? I'd love to know if there's something interesting going on there. It's not like you can go ask your local drug-dealer, you know? lol

By the way, I live in the Sonoran Desert. Maybe that's why I'm totally unfamiliar with jungles in Mexico. We are very classists, you see, and the closest you are to the US, the more north you draw the dividing line on the map that separates kinda okay gringo-wannabes and the disgusting ghetto shit-skinned Astek-descendants from the south that we call "guachos" in a pejorative way. We in Sonora say from Culiacan, they're guachos. In Culiacan, they say from whatever it's just south of that State.... you know what I'm saying, and yes, I give that little fucks about my own country that I have no clue which State is south of Culiacan. But you get it...

haha FoRgot to add why the gringo-wannabes and guachos thiing is important. Jungles and lakes and shit, that's in the south. We don't care about the south, so we never hear or talk about it. They have indian-names like Xochimilco and Teplaletahuatl or whatever. So I wouldn't know about the jungles.

@A1fredo my apologies my mind was in two different areas of the world at once. I had read some reports earlier this year that Chinese companies were paying off narcos in the form of pharmaceuticals for access to minerals. if I can find the article I will repost but the article asserted that Sinaloa may hold one of the worlds richest deposits of lithium and cobalt and that the Chinese were paying off the Cartels to strip mine and export. - really paints a shit face on the green new deal and the electric car revolution

@RobD1 Oh, yeah, Sinaloa is the State where Culiacan is in. They are a little different though, so I don't know very well what goes down in there. Since it's like the Silicon Valley of drugs. Drug Valley? I've heard it's like having two governments. They say that the narcos act as the police in some places. THey are the ones the people go to. And that they even give the people presents for Christmas. I know, it's weird shit, and I don't really know well. So don't just take it from me. But it's what I heard. So if there's one state where China could negotiate directly with narcos, it would certainly be it. It still kind of hurts my head thinking of a country dealing with narcos directly even though, hey, why not. It's no less legitimate nor crueler than the government. Social indoctrination I guess. It would be interesting to ask from people over there if you want me to.

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