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Critics Urge Sweden to Reboot Its Virus Strategy


Maybe facebook shut this down because those numbers don't tell the whole story and send the wrong message to young adults:

Aug 6, 2020
'It's a bad sign': Sweden sees renewed rise in coronavirus infections among young adults

...and the elderly:

In terms of infections and deaths, Sweden is still better off than the worst affected countries in Europe, but it’s faring a lot worse than neighboring countries with more similar characteristics. For example, the country currently has more than nine times as many deaths per million inhabitants as Norway.
An unequivocal failure in Sweden has been its inability to protect the elderly. As of late April, about half of those over 70 years old who had died from Covid-19 had been infected in nursing homes. Government agencies have blamed the staggering death rates among elderly under care on poor routines and an unexpected lack of preparedness to deal with the pandemic. Critics argue that a strict lockdown early on would have given caregivers and authorities breathing room to ensure that protective equipment was available and that guidelines were being followed."


That’s right... numbers don’t tell the whole story... but “critics” opinions does?
And your a teacher?

You know Finland has had only a limited lockdown and opened its borders again very early?
They had the best Covid response.

Obviously Sweden could have done better... name one country who did not make mistakes. The point is that they learnt and now protect the right people and see the results now.

Sweden and Finland are back to full economic activity while the rest of us are still scratching our heads how to lock down.


And your a teacher?


Yes I am.


Sweden and Finland are back to full economic activity while the rest of us are still scratching our heads how to lock down.

When your (correct use) entire country (SE, FI) is smaller than our biggest cities (NY, LA), kinda easy to "recover" don't you think?

Yet you blame Trump for the problems USA have... and you follow the media that tells you that NZ is doing better than USA?

You quote that Sweden failed to protect its elderly when EVERYONE has failed to do so.

English not my first language and I am a numbers man... so lookout for plenty your and yours mistakes.

My point is that opinions means very little and everyone is a critic.
However facts and figures don’t care about your feelings.

Check your hearing aid: I haven't even mentioned Trump.


This should not be a surprise to anyone. The first thing that should always be done is to follow the money. We should then tell all of the "experts" to shut up because they are never to be trusted. Finally, whenever anyone says "because science", we should insist that they produce the data and the method they employed to arrive at their so-called expert opinions.
This Chinese plague has lowered my already low opinion of our medical and scientific communities. Frankly, I think we are in (and have been for quite some time) real trouble because of these people. We should always listen to there opinions with a great deal of skepticism.


I was critical of Sweden, but I have since changed my mind. Nils Anders Tegnell, State Epidemiologist of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, did very carefully consider all the known variables and formulated a good plan. It had it’s flaws but everyone’s plan had flaws. Sweden’s plan was made for Sweden. Such a plan would not work in South Africa or Italy or The United Stated.



I was banned from FB just now for another 30 days for posting this kind information. LOL "For posting potentially harmful incorrect information about the virus". LOL It was regarding the fact that scientist discovered and provided all the proof this was a man made virus and impossible for it to be natural.

But they (FB) allowed for Joe Biden's speech on climate change where he says "They have astronauts in space 1,000,000 miles above the Earth watching the forest fires right now". LOL

Who is 1 million miles above the Earth watching the forest fires? The ISS is 240 miles from Earth. The moon is 240,000 miles....sooo Who is watching the fires 1 million miles above the Earth. Is this not incorrect misleading anf pure false information? Why is his speech not banned?

Zuckerberg is a democratic supporter and BLM supporter. They only allow violence on FB where cops are being shot....but my science information is the problem for sure.

Yesterday I received a warning before I actually posted a post. It was still in draft. A window popped up threatening me with termination of my account, not jail time. When I closed that window my draft was gone.

I caught that million mile mistake too. Another one was he said I'll take your questions, just waked away and that was the end of it. Biden did not take any question from anyone, very odd. It seemed like it was a produced add yet it still had Biden fumbling his words at multiple points.

So what happens if he actually debates Trump, goes full on dementia mode and completely falls apart? Will this lead to a Trump landslide where Trump gets virtually every state? Next question is how does the extremist left react to such a defeat? I think they will through a tantrum and riot.


I'm almost willing to bet Biden tries to pull the Covid card and suddenly need to quarantine during the time of the debate. He will attempt to have his debate in his home with a TEAM of people pulling the string in his back and moving his mouth and arms for him...With a plethora of teleprompters surrounding him, giving him the answers to the questions. LOL

This dude is beyond demented..LOL

I heard him call TRUMP a "climate arsonist" attempting to parallel TRUMP and connect him to the fires in California. LOL Like he could think that cleaver name up, gimme a break.

I REALLY enjoyed listening to him call TRUMP a LIAR....when it was he who was busted how many times plagiarizing speeches and lying about his post secondary scholastic record.

"Come on man" LOL

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