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Face it. The PC culture.... The SJW... The Femenazi.... Antifa... The extreme left is on full force.... I dedicate this group for all the time they fail... And we love memes here. let it flow.

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There will never be another Joan Rivers. Any up-and-coming young woman with River’s point of view in 2020 would be hunted down and crushed by the woke-Gestapo. In this clip, from July, 2014, Rivers gives the finger to CNN by walking out of an interview with a host who doesn’t understand comedy, or animal products.

I’d love to hear Rivers view on the Puritanism gripping America today.

GeeMac 7 June 30
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It's a damn good thing that she was serious. You were being a jerk to her and making plenty of accusations. Even the guy-- I'M SORRY, PERSON-- behind the little words at the bottom of the screen was being rude!

I hope to be like her one day. Joan, not the ridiculous excuse of a reporter.

Imastel Level 4 July 1, 2020

And CNN hasnt changed at all with their far-left condemnation of everyone but themselves. I loved it when Joan stopped her short, and asked her, "Are your shoes leather?" Then shut up! CNN needs to be told that every single day!


These days, we need many more brave, uninhibited interviewees.


Good for her!

Xtra Level 8 June 30, 2020
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