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Amazing! Snow and floods slowing down China's takeover. Way to go, Christians!!

A1fredo 8 June 29
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is there supposed to be a link with this??

KeVince Level 8 June 30, 2020

No... it was a joke... e_e... Geez...


???? WTH are you talking about and what do Christians have to do with the weather.

iThink Level 8 June 30, 2020

Praying... e_e cataclysmic events, hello.

@A1fredo yeah well, good luck with that...while you're at it why don't you pray for a winning lottery ticket and quit your job while you wait for the money to start coming it.

@RoscoNovaro, @iThink Jesus Christ... remember humor...? That thing that used to go "ha ha" a decade ago?

@A1fredo well it is so subtle a joke that NO ONE thought it was funny in the least.

@iThink Well, then people may be losing their sense of humor along with their humanity. Forgive me for trying... Should I redact an apology? Or a signed confession of guilt before I get sent to the Gulag for this...? Damn, no good deed goes unpunished. Sorry I tried to make you laugh and being a reprehensible failure. There.

@A1fredo of course not - there's no reason to apologize for not being good at satire or sarcasm or telling jokes...LOL!!!

@iThink oh, thank you for your approval. For getting them either, btw.

@A1fredo I didn't say I approved - I said no need to apologize (kidding you)

@iThink yeah, got bored. you win. congrats.

@A1fredo now I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comment. LOL

@iThink lol that WAS fuuny heh heh

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