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♥️Happy Valentines Day♥️
GeeMac Canada Feb 14 Feb 14 11
The 10 year challenge no one is talking about
4DaHooD Nov 26 Nov 26 00
POLL Sooo, all you Americans out there - what cha gonna have for Thanksgiving? Traditional turkey, dressing taters and gravy... or are you going to do something different. Seafood seems to be popular non-traditional fare these what's it gonna ...
iThink KS Nov 13 Nov 13 33
Equality I used to think that a lot of the problems in our lives, and in society in general, were because we just couldn’t all agree. I’m starting to wonder if the belief itself is perhaps one of the problems. It’s written all over ...
R_D_Russell NC May 8 May 8 22
Does the left actually believe with just 1 more gun control law we can solve this problem? They can never seem to explain how keeping law abiding people from guns is going to help in gun violence.
EdNason CT Apr 4 Apr 4 1010