Black Crime Matters Excellent summary on the savagery of the African by The Red Elephants Blog. Please read and share. Nothing new here. Jared Taylor (The Color of Crime) and Colin Flaherty (White Girl Bleed A Lot) have been documenting this ...
PostUmbraLux NY Aug 21 Aug 21 00
"It’s widely assumed that interracial marriage will solve all racial problems. Yet, children of mixed marriages seem to largely be at the forefront of the current hatefest." - @Steve_Sailer
VDARE CT June 18 Jun 18 88
Not Coo Coo for Coco Puffs Never ate em' anyway; I'll stick to interracial Kix. LOL
lawrenceblair OR June 17 Jun 17 22
If you guys have an interest in true crime AIU has been making a lot of investigation bideos in the last year that counter unsubstantiated narratives of a lot of important high profile interracial crimes. Please go check them out this introduction to...
Slugo Zimbabwe May 21 May 21 11
DCGNH NH Mar 12 Mar 12 11
Is Tinder trying to wipe out the white race? Their new Emojis show all all racial pairing other than white-white! I have nothing again interracial couples but showing black-black couples but no white-white ones seems pretty racist. I got this ...
Jupiter WA Mar 5 Mar 5 88