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This sums up the difference between Christianity and Islam
Chicago July 13 Jul 13 00
Having a new rig I am looking forward to fire season coming to an end to head into the woods, do some target shooting, and get some photos taken. With the extra room I decided to go ahead and get some of the standard things I would carry into the ...
KCSantiago TX July 12 Jul 12 22
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh July 12 Jul 12 11
Search warrant served on the McCloskeys, rifle seized by police-
SpikeTalon PA July 11 Jul 11 00
Science Requires Monotheism. Recent western Atheism began as a rejection of the Christian concept of God. Of course Atheists aren't alone here. Other religions like Islam also reject the Christian concept of God. But Atheists don't think deeply...
fschmidt TX July 11 Jul 11 00
- an IMAM preaching in a Canadian mosque heaps GIANT praise upon Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, labelling him a “Najashi”— a king among the Nation of Islam.
DRrightRD Canada July 11 Jul 11 22
The true face of Islam: When they start levelling our Magnificent, Humane, Western Culture brought forth by our Faith and the Light of our Lord to the levels of islam, communism and the other Socialisms of this world, ask them this: - Are all ...
warminster100 Canada July 10 Jul 10 00
NEW YORKER: Monstrous People (Like, Say, Steve Sailer) Object To NYT's Plan To Dox Scott Alexander
VDARE CT July 10 Jul 10 00
Make Him Famous ...
NuuzJunky GA July 9 Jul 9 22
The Right is hopeless. Since the Right is hopeless, I support Islam as the only realistic alternative to the Left.
fschmidt TX July 8 Jul 8 22
I had no idea or ever heard of "intellectual dark web". Probably because I never followed any of these people on Twitter. Too many tribe members, too many gatekeepers, too many Zionists, too much atheism, too much "Islam is all bad, Israel is all ...
scotirishviet CA July 8 Jul 8 22
The Psalms are from the old testament or Tanakh. They are ancient jewish songs and poems originally meant to be sung during the temple worship service. The Psalms are Beautiful and lead us to a closer walk with God.
Grandoodle MD July 8 Jul 8 11
City of Seattle teaches white employees to 'undo their whiteness' in bizarre 'diversity training' sessions what the definition of insanity
1patriot Canada July 8 Jul 8 22
"During the melee at Tiguex Park, as agitators wielded pickaxes and strapped chains to the Onate statue, several belligerent women verbally assaulted Rivera. Some screamed falsely that she was a cop, stirring anger among the cop-hating BLM mobsters. ...
VDARE CT July 8 Jul 8 22
The death of colorblindness In the 1990s I worked in the corporate environment in the tech field. My job was to sit in a cube all day and code. My co-workers were typically nerdy White and Asian men, however, we did have the occasional ...
ramzpaul OK July 7 Jul 7 1010
Islam is greatly appreciative of Turdeau.
pbuck0145 Canada July 6 Jul 6 22
Here we go..... Ghislaine Maxwell has tested positive for COVID-19 in New Hampshire jail, DOJ reports – Brown Valley Observer ...
NuuzJunky GA July 5 Jul 5 99
“Islamophobia” Study BLAMES White Men For Muslim Community Oppression Yes, they are really rolling now. Not satisfied with Justin Trudeau’s branding of Anglophones and Christians as bigoted, racist and xenophobic, a study on ...
ieuan UK July 5 Jul 5 11
Long story short. "There is nothing as old as the idea that "this" is new." ― Thomas Sowell, (b. 1930) is an American economist and social theorist who is currently a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. The Wisdom ...
KrunoS Croatia July 4 Jul 4 00
British mother who converted to Islam before becoming UK's first female suicide bomb plotter was 'TOO STONED' to blow up St Paul's Cathedral, court hears as she is jailed for 14 years An Islamic State supporter who was 'too stoned' to carry ...
ieuan UK July 4 Jul 4 00 NEVILLISM IS LUKEWARM APPEASEMENT: There is a point at which you finally realize that Socialism actually speaks a different language than descent people do. In the Marxist/Socialism Lexicon a compromise is a concession & ...
1914wizard FL July 4 Jul 4 22
How best to organize? Copy the most successful group at organizing. And that is Jews. Can anyone deny this? Does any other group exert more influence in politics and economics? If not, why not copy what works? The source of Jewish success is ...
fschmidt TX July 3 Jul 3 55
It's the pedal on the right!!! ...
NuuzJunky GA July 3 Jul 3 11
3. Noah's Flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh
lawrenceblair OR July 2 Jul 2 00
The Right considers most Muslims to be moronic scum. Muslims consider most on the Right to be moronic scum. Both are correct. The modern world is a scummy idiocracy where most people in every group are moronic scum. Intelligence is dropping ...
fschmidt TX July 2 Jul 2 11
UK authorities ignore Muslim’s video threat to murder Tommy Robinson and rape his wife In this 2019 video, a Jihadi threatens Tommy Robinson if he enters Walsall. A year later, nothing has been done. Many members of the Islamic community have...
ieuan UK July 1 Jul 1 11
This would be a good start.......
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Is Ketamine the New Police Weapon Against Black Lives?
WilyRickWiles IL June 30 Jun 30 33
The next ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 00
· How do we apply for UK asylum, please?
ieuan UK June 30 Jun 30 00
This is what they want us to believe ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 22
Liberal Vs. Conservative ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Sad but true. . . . . . . . ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 11
Asking for a ...
NuuzJunky GA June 30 Jun 30 33
Judaism rejects God. Most people are confused about the evil of Judaism. Some nationalists attack Zionism which is stupid hypocrisy because Zionism is nothing but nationalism, so it isn't the problem. Some racists think that the jewish race is ...
fschmidt TX June 30 Jun 30 11
The Reading murders, had "nothing to do with Islam", or course.
pbuck0145 Canada June 29 Jun 29 00
Sacha Cohen's Libel Against America
M1959 NY June 29 Jun 29 33
Hollywood Stars Call The Racist Police as BLM Invades Their Beverly Hills
ieuan UK June 29 Jun 29 00
Just how popular is CBC the National ?... go to the CBC gem app it no longer even trends in there own app ! Guess that sucks CBC....
Hokonui Canada June 28 Jun 28 11
It is time for a reality check for those of you with Trump Derangement Syndrome. For a minute, forget about the petty nonsense that you have been convinced to hate him for. Let's think about what you are hoping for. You are hoping he does not get ...
jakuboj June 28 Jun 28 44
Islam Party wants to transform Belgium into an Islamic state under Sharia law "Legal Steroid" Turning Men Into Beasts With No Exercise Forget The Blue Pill, Try This & She Will Be Intrigued Moisturizer That Removes the Signs of Ageing ...
ieuan UK June 28 Jun 28 00 Abdu Murray on Islam and Christian apologetics. A conversation with a former Muslim on how he came to Christian faith.
timon_phocas CO June 26 Jun 26 00
One Islam.
pbuck0145 Canada June 26 Jun 26 22
POLL Many are adamant that higher education is worthless. I see it differently. Let's see what you say. Is higher education still important and/or viable?
Starlight TX June 24 Jun 24 1010
POLL Do you think Islam is a religion of peace?
ariellescarcella NY June 24 Jun 24 1919
6/23 Those Who Know Don’t Say: the Black Freedom Movement & the Carceral State w/ Garrett Felber Interesting history on the Nation of Islam.
WilyRickWiles IL June 23 Jun 23 00
I think you're safe 😨
BikerPetehall70 UK June 22 Jun 22 44
Take me to your leader
GeeMac Canada June 22 Jun 22 11
The Supreme Court's open door for illegal immigration negates American's right to vote-
SpikeTalon PA June 22 Jun 22 00
LINK STUDY: During Live Coverage, CNN, MSNBC Censor 97 Percent of Trump’s Rally | Newsbusters
Xtra WA June 22 Jun 22 11
I am white !! ..l didnt ask to be born white nor did l ask to be born black l accepted the colour l was and have always got on well with our brothers and sisters who have a different coloured skin . L don't know why God made us this way but l've just...
ieuan UK June 20 Jun 20 00
Yep... They pattern themselves after black supremacist and radical Muslims. We pattern ourselves after the Black Panthers, after the Nation of Islam, we believe that we need an arm to defend ourselves.
FEWI LA June 19 Jun 19 11
Uncucked Religions. There are 4 uncucked religions in America: Islam, traditional Anabaptists, Orthodox Judaism, and Antifa. Religion is the driving force of culture and only uncucked religions can make a difference. Antifa - Give credit where...
fschmidt TX June 16 Jun 16 77
How long til black comedy gets denounced as racist! I'm gonna be in the firing line for sure😂Will it change my views or language in any way!??? I doubt it😕
BikerPetehall70 UK June 15 Jun 15 66
I am not a “Religious” person. In fact, I am a “Faithless” person as defined by any “organized” Faith. I am Not either Atheist or Agnostic. I simply “recognize no “Faith” as being “The “True” Faith. My beliefs are My Own. ...
Bay0Wulf ME June 15 Jun 15 11
LINK CNN Gets Attacked By Rioters AGAIN, Seems Their Pandering Didn't Work - YouTube
WorldSigh June 15 Jun 15 11
Alcohol & Drugs in Islam Alcohol consumption in Muslim regions of the world (Middle East and North Africa) increased by 25% in 5 years. WHY? It's a dystopian hell hole, Your life is controlled in every way. They need to keep their minds off ...
ExMuslimMary NY June 14 Jun 14 11
SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy Booster Coming Soon & SN7 Testing is Next | SpaceXcentric
kresica Croatia June 14 Jun 14 00
Options for Whites. I am not white, but since the majority here are white and are interested in white identity, I thought I would post something relevant to them. I will give my opinion of the various options for whites. The RamZPual Option - ...
fschmidt TX June 12 Jun 12 88
LINK If Keith Ellison Checked Out Weapons for MB, How About Guns For Antifa For A Kent State In Seattle? - YouTube
dd54 HI June 11 Jun 11 00
Dismantling MN Police with Rousseau, Father of the Left
AndrewInVail AZ June 11 Jun 11 00
Hello everyone, I would appreciate if everyone takes out time from their valuable busy schedule and life to watch this video. I hope so you won’t regret as it is something everyone needs to be concerned about.Please share.
RickyJones VA June 11 Jun 11 00
I support Islam. I am not Muslim and I don't support most Muslims, but I attend mosque and actively support the good aspects of Islam because Islam is the only serious moral force left in the modern world.
fschmidt TX June 11 Jun 11 00
Judaism rejects God. Most people are confused about the evil of Judaism. Some nationalists attack Zionism which is stupid hypocrisy because Zionism is nothing but nationalism, so it isn't the problem. Some racists think that the jewish race is ...
fschmidt TX June 11 Jun 11 00
What do you think about BLM and Antifa groups destroying US Monuments like the Christopher Columbus statue that was beheaded in Boston, and the one in Richmond being thrown in lake? What should be done to the people responsible?
DeplorableToo FL June 10 Jun 10 44
This isn’t the first time that Awan has used the courts as a weapon to fight enemies of Islam. You’ll recall that Awan took the great Mark Steyn to three different Canadian human rights commissions for writing about Muslim extremism in ...
1patriot Canada June 9 Jun 9 11
“My fellow Americans, we are at war. We must face it head-on. Evil globalist and socialist elites are out to bring down and destroy America. Their political arm is the Democrat Party. Their propaganda arm is mainstream media and social media. Their...
Edgework TX June 7 Jun 7 77
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh June 6 Jun 6 11
Sleeping Giants is going after Tuckers advertisers again. Does anyone know who runs that crackpot organization? I think all Tucker has left of big advertisers is the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell. Can any medium size business people here help Tucker ...
Robert100 MD June 6 Jun 6 11
Senseless- Since George Floyd’s murder, too many people have been using his death as an excuse to destroy, loot, and do violence. People have lost their livelihoods, been seriously injured, or worse, have died due to the ...
SpikeTalon PA June 6 Jun 6 22
TAQIYYA - Know this word. It is the fundamental RULE and LAW in Islam. Lie to KAFIRS (Non-Muslims) to spread Islam. Lie, Lie, Lie and Lie some more. The goal is for Islam to run everything, including the world. This is a worse word than the 'N WORD'...
ExMuslimMary NY June 5 Jun 5 33
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Rachel
RemiDallaire Canada June 4 Jun 4 22
While i agree the charges should be harder and the 3 by standers should be charged innthe Floydd case i have mixed feelings about these decisions coming out after the rioting. Anyone else feel like this might signal that rioting gets results?
Joehlert11 PA June 3 Jun 3 33
VDH takes a look at Biden.
Jurecki FL June 3 Jun 3 00
US news: Piles of bricks staged at protest sites across the country-
SpikeTalon PA June 2 Jun 2 11
"I am in all what you said of different opinion, but i would die for your right to speak them out loudly!" (Free after Voltaire, but besides it is not even clear IF he said this , i think it goes clear. (Geht klar = is ok...Hm damned english 😇)
GermanGrunt May 29 May 29 33
He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. -Marcus Aurelius
Haraldson May 29 May 29 00
LINK YouTube
WorldSigh May 28 May 28 11
LINK Trump threatens social media over censorship of conservatives
WorldSigh May 27 May 27 33
TheIndependent: That woman in the video threatening to call the police on an African American man.The video went viral. It was immediately asserted she was a Trump supporter. It turns out she was a leftist.
timon_phocas CO May 26 May 26 44
Cases attacking the Second Amendment the Supreme Court refused to hear...
SpikeTalon PA May 26 May 26 11
POLL A few days ago, a member posted the following graphic which contains anti-Semitic and other inflammatory messaging. It was flagged for incivility and was removed but I would like to get your thoughts as to what should have happened. One ...
Admin Online May 26 May 26 6464
The mainstream media is approaching a momentous fork in their road. They will try mightily to follow Yogi Berra’s timeless advice—if you come to a fork in the road, take it—but it won’t work. They’ll have to choose, and how they choose will...
Edgework TX May 26 May 26 11
Angry masked mob of shoppers scream obscenities at another shopper for not wearing a mask in grocery store-
SpikeTalon PA May 26 May 26 1414
Show me your mask...LOL Islam mus be... in extatic right now. Oh wait Their numbers are so low that I don't trust any of it...
RemiDallaire Canada May 24 May 24 22
Just interested. Would you try to actually leave Cznada if you saw Communism coming in?
2FollowHim Canada May 24 May 24 44
What is the Trilogy of Islam? - Political Islam Ep.3 6,081 views•14 Apr 2020
Chicago May 24 May 24 22
In under 1 hour Youtube removed this video , did not offer an explanation and I am not allowed to appeal. Here is the link to it on Bitchute:
OneGodlessWoman Canada May 24 May 24 22
Trump Campaign Launches ‘You Ain’t Black’ Website, Lampooning Biden
Rosary_Trace GA May 24 May 24 22
Larry is always doing a great job
RemiDallaire Canada May 24 May 24 11
Yet another brought here by Sydney's video, cheers!
francwitch IA May 24 May 24 00
Canada’s Chief Medical Officer — and WHO member Teresa Tam — can’t seem to figure out whether we should wear a mask, or not wear as mask. Maybe WHO hasn’t cleared this point with Beijing yet.
GeeMac Canada May 23 May 23 33
Buckle up for take-off! Breitbart: DOJ: Democrats Paid Pennsylvania Election Officials to Stuff Ballot Box!
warminster100 Canada May 21 May 21 11
creepy is at it again
1patriot Canada May 21 May 21 33
Identity related breaches on the rise, prevention still a work in progress...
SpikeTalon PA May 18 May 18 00
POLL When is someone expressing anti-Semitism? A member flagged a recent post, "Hollywood composition of actors and actresses? Is it true in Hollywood even Italian people like ...", for exhibiting what they thought was anti-Semitism and we want to get your thoughts as to where you draw the line. Perhaps include a statement that you think is ...
Admin Online May 18 May 18 2323
Hah, ha! I know the type!
Naomi May 18 May 18 22
Dr. Carol Baker: "Get rid of all the american whites" - ...because they're the group that resists vaccines. she proposed this at a conference about vaccines. CDC Vaccine Chair: "Get Rid Of The Whites" Scandal. Professor Carol Baker...
JoogleVAX4U TN May 17 May 17 22
Understanding the Threat: First Arab Woman to Win Nobel Prize is a JIHADI & Sits on Facebook Oversight Board! Tawakkol Karman is a national spokeswoman for the al Islah party in Yemen, which was founded by Globally Designated Terrorist ...
warminster100 Canada May 15 May 15 11
Why privacy is the main issue in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic-
SpikeTalon PA May 15 May 15 11