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Hand sanitizer production halted as FDA stands in the way...

Unfortunately, the United States leads the world in COVID-19 cases, partially due to government failure and partially due to circumstances beyond the control of government. Fortunately, the private sector has stepped up to the plate by increasing production of ventilators, face masks, and much-needed hand sanitizers. In fact, more than 575 distilleries have committed to converting their operations from making alcoholic beverages to producing alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

However, in yet another case of regulations run wild, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is inserting a wrench in “Operation Hand Sanitizer.” In other words, FDA bureaucrats are halting the production of millions of bottles of hand sanitizer to communities in need.

SpikeTalon 9 Apr 5

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I would guess China leads the world in the most cases of the Chinese Communist Party virus. They simply hide their actual numbers. Your observation of bureaucratic interference seems logical.


"Unfortunately, the United States leads the world in COVID-19 cases, partially due to government failure and partially due to circumstances beyond the control of government."

How accurate are these numbers?

Good question...

At this point, as the USA does more testing ... and is more transparently releasing its numbers than others ... I would guess our numbers are close to reliable.
As with almost every other metric involving Health Care, the USA holds itself to a comparatively high set of standards so a lot of times its like comparing Our Bowl of Deluxe Mixed Nuts to Their Bowl of Cocktail Peanuts and trying to figure out how to decide which makes the best “Snack”


Which tests?

Uh ... how exactly do you figure that they’ve decided the USA “leads the World in COVID-19 cases”?
Tests ... some countries do them ... and release the numbers ... some don’t.



Did you stub your toe?

Which tests are used in testing? If you don't know then just say so.

Nope ... not getting into a protracted conversation of the definition of “is is” with you.
Been there. Done that. With you in the past.

You didn't stub your toe?

For those who want to know something about the "tests" being "offered" to people, the following may be a piece of the puzzle for them. For those who don't want to know, you may get precisely what you want.


I mentioned this a while ago the biggest obstacle to doing anything in the US is government regulation. This is also the reason that we find ourselves in this present crises, it was easier to start production plants outside of the US than at home so when business started to grow they moved to foreign countries.

Absolutely correct ...
However, there are many out there even today that believe that ALL “Businesses” are EVIL and should be regulated. People too ...
Just look at the entire “Global Change / Green New Deal” platform ... its ALL about “Regulation”.
Regulations are how Bureaucrats Get and Keep POWER ...
I’m not sure I ever met a Government Worker, Social Worker, Democrat or Left Activist that didn’t believe that “regulation” was important, required ...


The original meaning of the word regulation was opposite the current meaning. That fact is one that matters.

Um ... no.
Regulation is regulation so far the Left hasn’t managed to “change the definition” ...
There are regulations that are beneficial overall in effect
There are regulations that are harmful overall in effect.

They’ve (the DemLeft & Others) simply managed to find a way to stick some sort of regulation on everything ... mostly regulations being poorly thought out or having negative outcomes.


"Um ... no."

Is that a fact?

"Regulation is regulation so far the Left hasn’t managed to “change the definition” ..."

What is (as you claim) "the left"? Please be exact.

"There are regulations that are beneficial overall in effect"

Define what you mean by the (current) meaning of the word "regulations"? Please be exact.

As to what you claimed to be "Um ... no." there is this:

"Organizations of citizens were formed to regulate governmental affairs and eventually operated the courts in some districts."


The modern meaning (as I see it):


Top-down, dictatorial, obey or suffer, enforcement of orders that must be obeyed without question, or those who dare to disobey will be tortured and murdered and their torturous death will set an example to anyone else who dares to disobey.

The previous meaning as shown in the link above:

People volunteer to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic: foreign criminals entering the area defended, and domestic criminals claiming to be the ones paid to perform this vital defensive task.

Nope ... not getting into a protracted conversation of the definition of “is is” with you.
Been there. Done that. With you in the past.


The lie there is a false association, a deception used by the cartoon character.

The term Regulation meant Voluntary Association for Mutual Defense.

Then the term "Regulation" became Blind Obedience to Falsehood Without Question.

The personal attack by the cartoon character is noted, published, and unless someone can delete it, is a Public Access confession of the facts that matter in the case.

I stand accused of “attacking” a bloviating windbag!!!
In the most bloviated windbag style I’ve ever seen (okay ... almost)



  1. Miss-association with a Klinton Criminal concerning "what is is."

  2. "...bloviating winbag!!!"

If the topic isn't worth discussing, then why not choose to not discuss the topic?

@Bay0Wulf to get back to regulation let me state my opinion, that it is being used to keep the poor in there place as market wage slaves. I have a friend that refers to this as reguflation, because of increasing cost of just getting OKed to do or be something. about ten years ago I tore down an old pole barn and built a new shop I spent over $1500 just to get permits required test and OK to build before I could even start to do anything. The other thing I was going to do was to start a small foundry to make reproduction part for antiques. When I inquired as to what I would need to do to start this business I soon found out that why all our castings came from over seas, before I could produce my first part I would have payed over 500,000, in permites license bonding insurance and inspection fees.
This is why starting a business in america is only for the rich and why most startup businesses fail within the first few years even if they were given grants and tax wavers.


Easy fix. We can use soap in the interim?

Its a bit hard to carry soap in your pocket as well as a way to wet it and then rinse it off ...
Hand sanitizer is designed to sort of be used as hand lotion rub it and around until it evaporates ...


Okay ... well, of course that’s stupid.
Since I make my own sanitizer and spray
AND Since Recipes are NOT Patentable or ... Illegal
Perhaps the Distilleries could make “Medicinal” Alcohol and include a “recipe” ...

I currently use a Brand Name 95% Grain Alcohol commonly found in Liquor Stores because other types were a pain to track down.
I combine in a clean glass “Master Bottle” (Brer Rabbit Molasses)
Approximately 10% Concentrated Bleach found in laundry or construction cleaning supplies
A splash of Lemon Pine Sol to a Pint Bottle is my choice.
The Dollar Store or any Cosmetic place will sell spritzers ... spray surfaces, spray on hands and wipe dry
Its pretty ferocious and hasn’t hurt my skin yet ...

Since I’m using Legal Booze, the Alcohol costs a bit but personally, I think I’m worth it.
Besides, I drink stuff that costs a good deal more than that stuff ...

Okay now Ikm going to post this on its own ...

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