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Senator Tom Cotton has a plan to take pharmaceutical manufacturing back from China...

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 21

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Another proposal fronm []

"Government becomes Big Pharma.

Steph Sterling is vice president of advocacy and policy at the Roosevelt Institute, and co-author of the forthcoming paper “In the Public Interest: Democratizing Medicines through Public Ownership.”

The coronavirus has laid bare the failures of our costly, inefficient, market-based system for developing, researching and manufacturing medicines and vaccines. COVID-19 is one of several coronavirus outbreaks we have seen over the past 20 years, yet the logic of our current system—a range of costly government incentives intended to stimulate private-sector development—has resulted in the 18-month window we now anticipate before widespread vaccine availability. Private pharmaceutical firms simply will not prioritize a vaccine or other countermeasure for a future public health emergency until its profitability is assured, and that is far too late to prevent mass disruption. The reality of fragile supply chains for active pharmaceutical ingredients coupled with public outrage over patent abuses that limit the availability of new treatments has led to an emerging, bipartisan consensus that the public sector must take far more active and direct responsibility for the development and manufacture of medicines. That more efficient, far more resilient government approach will replace our failed, 40-year experiment with market-based incentives to meet essential health needs."

Yes, I knew the words Tom Cotton mentioned in a post could elicit a response from you! You didn't disappoint me...

That's because the "public sector" is so much smarter than the scientific community, right? History proves otherwise abundantly.

@TimTuolomne I guess that's why the public is recapitalizing big business with trillions of dollars, huh?


And government needs to be involved in the free market because...? Businesses area already distancing themselves. I haven't heard it yet, but I know as surely as supply and demand. The event has almost certainly caused most businesses to move to their contingencies they had set up because doing business there is so risky that no reasonable business person would fail to have them. Now the additional cost of doing business there includes bad PR.

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