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Thanks to capitalism, grocery shelves keep getting restocked during emergencies-

If the Wuhan coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that Americans are just not cut out for socialism. The main reason? The lines and empty shelves. They are inevitable in centrally planned economies, and we are getting a taste of it with the COVID-19 panic, but only a taste.

Some socialists, along with a handful of other left-leaning big-government types, rejoiced at the absence of toilet paper in the nation’s supermarkets. For instance, Justin Wolfers of the Brookings Institution in all seriousness declared that “capitalism fail[ed],” and “what we need right now is a government-backed Strategic Toilet Paper Reserve. That Reserve makes a promise that even if your local Costco ran out, you still have the right to buy 2 rolls per week from the government’s stockpile.”

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 19

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The shelves here in rual Minnesota were restocked within a week. Although, I was surprised that the strange toilet paper hoarding syndrome wasn't localized to the places where people trample each other on black Friday.


Lol. I love how capitalism is never at fault for it's failures. Shortages that actually require temporary central planning to solve: "a taste of socialism."

Wow, have you read any history at all???

Ask Cuba, most of their stores have frequent food shortages, and their government is a socialist one. I think it's fair to criticize capitalism as it is not a perfect system. I also think it's fair to criticize socialism as well for its many shortcomings. Mankind has yet to come up with a system that everyone can agree on. All in all though, I'm fairly content living in the country I do, Cuba China and Russia certainly are no better alternatives.

@SpikeTalon I hate to break it to you, but the shortages in American grocery stores right now have nothing to do with Cuba or socialism.

@BobCoffey1 I only bought what I needed, thank you very much. The McMansionites on the other hand...

@WilyRickWiles The shortages are occuring due to fear and paranoia, and for the most part the President and most Republicans are not the ones who are sowing the seeds of fear. My point was, that Cuba has a socialist government in place, and their government isn't doing much to improve the lives of the citizens. They might fare a little better if they adopted a mixture of free markets with social welfare programs built into the system, like we are here in the US.

@SpikeTalon Funny how capitalism is so vulnerable to shocks. And while it may not be rational to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper, some stocking up is rational in response to a crisis where authorities have been slow to respond, information gathering is delayed, and the emerging data and policies suggest that the economy may be shut down for more than a year.

@WilyRickWiles Funny how socialism is vulnerable to individuals who abuse the system, by going on certain welfare programs that they don't really need to be on and the taxpayers ultimately foot the bill for it(for example, disability. I personally know two individuals who have been on disability for a long time, and neither one is disabled as they told me so).

Authorities being slow to respond you say? How curious... Hhmm, I guess in the end we the people can't trust the government in times of genuine emergency, which is why I suppose there are private organizations that are working together to help those who most need it. When the government fails, at least there are private companies/individuals who would step up to provide assistance where need be. Regarding the data on the economy, I prefer to wait it out awhile before arriving to any sound conclusion(s) on the matter, we have a ways to go yet.

@SpikeTalon It always amazes me how the right is willing to dump entire social insurance programs that provide a public good because of marginal and anecdotal waste. But then waste and abuse by corporations is totally fine!

No, private organizations don't and didn't have the means to respond to this.

@WilyRickWiles Waste by either is no good. Anecdotal waste still equates to wasted taxpayer dollars. Why don't we try to eliminate wasteful spending in all areas? Too many of the social programs have not produced adequate results, but that's a whole other topic for a post for another time though.

It appears quite a few private organizations handled the situation fairly well, given that most people (most I've heard anyway) are stocked up on necessary supplies, haven't heard many people complaining they don't have enough supplies. To be fair, the government wasn't prepared either nor did they fare any better in handling the situation than private organizations did, why do you think so many on the left are concerned as they are. If the current situation would by chance degenerate further, I sincerely hope you only allow the government to assist you and kindly reject any offer of assistance from any private entity.

@SpikeTalon My point is that only the federal government has the resources and the authority to authorize and coordinate a response on the scale needed, missteps aside.

@WilyRickWiles I understood your point, and that's the reason (at least part of it anyway) why we are in the situation we're in presently.

@BobCoffey1 Did you not see my message above? "I only bought what I needed, thank you very much. The McMansionites on the other hand..."


As always, the President is running circles around these ridiculous lunatics. He keeps making moves that cause them to reveal who they are.


A national Strategic Toilet Paper Reserve? This is the depth of liberalism's intellectual insight? Well, at least they don't disappoint my expectations.

One would have to set their expectations rather low when dealing with Democrats...

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