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Oh the drama...

Nancy Pelosi says 'civilization as we know it is at stake' in the 2020 election-

Nancy Pelosi sounds a little nervous about the 2020 election.

She’s piling on the melodrama, claiming that “civilization as we know it is at stake in the next election.”

Is she really talking about the future of the Democratic party?

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 9

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She's spot on should one of the loony leftists clowns of the leading contenders in the Democratic party manage to win the WH!


A dim bulb that is fully extinguished..............


If I were a Libertarian, I would be positioning in every way possible to displace the Democrats as one of the two US parties.

@MaskedRiderChris. I think you are right about in-fighting among Libertarians. Dems were in lockstep. Thats one point for brainwashing, right?


In Pelosi's "civilization," lying, fraud, intimidation, and calling for assassination is no problem. Anyone have issues with that?

(Raises hand) Yes, I do...

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