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As key endorsements flow to Biden, Trump says Dems are 'staging a coup against Bernie'...

In the meantime, I'm enjoying all the division within the Democrat Party, should be easy for Trump in November.

SpikeTalon 9 Mar 2

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no matter what happens within the Dem party between now and November it will NOT be an easy win for Trump.

Elaborate? Curiosity abounds...

@SpikeTalon Dead voters, illegal alien and non citizen voters, "mistakes" at the voting places and the vote tabulation places, people voting more than one time...all of these things happened before and they will happen again and I believe on a larger scale they will happen this time. We can NOT afford for anyone to stay home and NOT vote for Trump...anything that can go wrong will go wrong and the fake news media will cover up any and all bad behaviors that happen in favor of the Dem candidate.

@iThink You raise a valid point, has happened before and could happen. However, I think Trump has even more voters in his corner this time. Time will tell though.


It's unfortunate that 99% of ideological diversity is only welcome in the Democratic Party. Please take Pete and Bloomberg from us. You can even have Biden if you want!

Nah that's okay man, the Democrats can have Uncle Joe and Mayor Pete. As for Bloomberg, he could go fall off the edge of the Earth for all I care!


Who didn’t see this coming (stealing the nomination from Bernie again)? I predict some serious violence from Bernie bros

Same here, and concerning that is.

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