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I just saw another M.Bloomberg commercial add for the upcoming election. The only white male face in it that I saw was his. All the other faces in the commercial were females decorated by multiple ethnicities.

The entire message of the add was clear in the sense, that, the feeling that it wanted to layer and persuade the viewer with was an agenda "specific" cultural change as THE priority, and nothing else.

It baffles me how any leftist (or even moderates) cannot see the obvious problem with these types of adds(even w/Sanders or Biden), and not point it out everywhere they can. I don't usually deal with politics on this site, but there is such a hypocritical cloaked message of exclusion that is so grossly being advertised in these types of adds, that I just had to yelp as futile as it may be.

Biosphere 7 Feb 26

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It seems from the TV programmes and adverts in the UK that where even remotely possible everything has to include;
1 A black person
2 A Muslim
3 A mixed race relationship (usually but not always Black man, White woman)
4 A gay relationship (male or female appears to be optional)
5 if possible a disabled person (but this doesn’t seem to be compulsory)
I have no objections to any or indeed all of these groups being represented in a way that reflects current society but not when as is now the case it is done for its own sake as a form of propaganda and is more a distortion of real life rather than a reflection of it. I watch TV to be entertained not brainwashed.


The left makes being white something to be ashamed of. I'm all for diversity but not at the expense of fairness.


He's just trying to lose the billionaire/rich white guy label during the primary. I would not look for a conspiracy of "cultural change" in an election ad.

Was Willie Horton an agenda of "cultural change?" No. Just politics.


I don't understand how anyone with an IQ higher than a Fern can vote for ANY of these Dumbfucks this cycle!


The gay vote may become a swing vote group, which is very good I think. The biggest change may be the black vote. Almost none voted for Trump in 2016. A lot more will vote Trump in 2020. It will not be a majority of coarse but in relative terms it might be the biggest change.

America has the cheapest cleanest energy in the world thanks to fracking. Heavy Industry is likely to return to America. Trump is also getting behind nuclear power. There is grass roots support for an entirely new gen 4+ nuclear with much lower waste, much higher safety. Bill Gates has been trying for years, Peter Thiel has been making investments in nuclear and there is grass roots advocates for a new generation of nuclear. This would give America even cheaper cleaner energy. This is good for American jobs. Trump may be able to decriminalize nuclear power.

Alfred E. Cocksucker hasn't a dildo's chance in a male bath house of winning the nomination, let alone the General.

4th generation reactors can use nuclear waste from previous reactors, and further reduce it's radio activity life span.
For this reason alone, we should be building them.


Bloomberg is worse than a racist. Racists are simple and lose no sleep over the fact that their world view is indefensible. It’s just how they feel.

Bloomberg is a true elitist. He thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room; that, and his money makes condescension his default state and contempt his reaction to any who dare disagree with him. I lived through all 13 years of his term as NYC’s mayor. It’s never occurred to him that there’s any part of your life that wouldn’t benefit from his intervention and control.

In many ways he scares me more than Sanders or Warren. They are clearly insane, and stupid as well. They’ll crash and burn, though they might take us along with them. Bloomberg is a businessman. His totalitarian state will turn a profit. We’ll still be slaves, but the system will endure.


The left can only find sustenance in people who are easily convinced of their own aggrieved victimhood. They (socialists) work diligently at stoking fires of resentment and anger. The only fuel available to build that fire is the dividing and sub-dividing people into various aggrieved group identities. Racial, ethnic division; Sex identity; Economic strata...and so on. It would seem that according to Bloombergs strategy that "ethnic" females are a lucrative voting bloc. eh?


Bloomberg is a racist crook, and anybody who would consider voting for that piece of garbage is out of their mind.

Not sure about racist, but he's certainly an elitist prick, with zero understanding of the General population.

@DonProvolone stop and frisk that mostly targeted blacks sounded pretty racist to me. I could be wrong though.


When the statistics show a certain group, in a certain area, are responsible for 90%+ of crimes in said area, where and whom should be thrown against walls?

Logic isn't always pretty.

Remember Stop and frisk was GIULIANI'S baby.

@DonProvolone I'd say both of them were wrong then.




Is Giuliani racist then too?

@DonProvolone (shrugs) Who knows and who cares really. I hear NYC is still riddled with alot of crime, then again what would one expect from a heavy left-leaning city...


All went to Shit, after the end of stop and Frisk.

It's refreshing to see such hypocrisy on the Right though.
If no one cared, RACIST!!! Wouldn't be screamed.

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