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What is 'Cultural Marxism' and how to spot it?

Cultural Marxism questions every aspects of your personal identity and challenges norms, in order to ultimately ulter them and gain advantage.

If you happen to be in majority, you are an oppressor. For example, if you are either Christian or white or hetrosexual, English speaking... you are an oppressor.

Anyone who doesn't fit into the majority groups is therefore an 'oppressed' minority.

So what's their solution you might ask? They attack and dismantle the existing foundations of your normal personal identity: they propagate Islam to weaken christianity, they force transgenderism in your face to erode the constitution of man and woman, they gain unfair advantage under the pretext of diversity.

They would then take control of media, and advocate for political correctness, stigmatising anyone and everyone as islamophobic, racist, transphobis, xenophobic... to stifle any voices of reason.

This lunacy cannot be allowed to continue...

Lt-JW 7 Feb 20

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Maybe it's time to form a white male minority group - There seem to be so few in society

@The_Q watch these clips, it's already happening, white people are being blatantly demonised and degraded and discriminated against


The older I get, the more convinced I am that political correctness is the root of all evil. Just about everything the left stands for these days is looney and extreme.

The more we could show their true colour, the better we stand a chance

Yes...and yet millenials seem to think its somehow a brand new idea whose time has come. (And take the rest of us with them because they have no concept of boundaries.) "Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it."

Any approach that denies truth lays the foundation for chaos.

Other means of selling this sh*t so successfully to younger generations is to sugar coat it with pseudo morality and get a puppet like that Greta Thunberg, so that they feel related

@MaskedRiderChris l'm gonna steal your line and use it in future if you don't mind? Very witty 🙂)

@MaskedRiderChris I have a more charitable view of it, if you examine the psychology of it, it's questioning authority.

If you're a kid looking at 30 years of debt just to go to school and figure out how to make your way, it doesn't look like a very good system.

The solution I see is a correction from the right, which we are watching right now, to create a stable system that allows the more benign aspects of the left: affordable life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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