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New Zealand Police complete an 8 month investigation, Bust a drug ring, arrest 10 people, recover 5 million dollars of drugs, and Big Surprise, they did not surrender their military style weapons in the police buy back scheme either - Really ???

Am I the only one not surprised?

I was going to link the story, But its a puff piece about how good it is that the drugs are off the streets, But all pictures only show guns, which they don't even mention - Modern media quality I guess

Since the New Zealand Police routinely armed, and the public surrendered their firearms (some of them anyway) in the compulsory government scheme, Gun crime in New Zealand, especially Auckland has reached epidemic proportions.

It seems that is no-one else can shoot back, Criminals are more willing to source and use guns in crimes. And It looks like they are not shopping at the local gun store, or obtaining firearm licenses first

Criminals don't follow Gun laws

Who would have though it ??

Or was the law faulty ??

Maybe they failed to provide food with the promise to buy your guns ???

The_Q 7 Feb 10

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You can bet the government statistics will be lies.

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