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A comedic interlude.

# I look forward to a similar video after the impeachment trial fails.
pbuck0145 8 Jan 27

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What kind of comedic montage will we have this November after he wins the largest landslide victory in recent American history? No doubt there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Democrats, media, Hollywood types, and never Trumpers. And there will be riots by AntiFa.

I mean, what do they expect? When they have crap for candidates and policies and when they bash law enforcement, Israel, Christians, and minority (black, Hispanic, Jewish, and even female) conservatives and all they have to offer is hatred for Trump, they are their own worst enemy.

The impeachment has proven they are desperate to get rid of his inevitable re-election. And about the impeachment: the Democrats were also doing everything they could to shield Bidens only to end up totally incriminating them and putting them on trial in the Senate more than Trump himself. And they will have lost all credibility to ever try to impeach him again.

Finally, all you have to do is look at the crowds Trump has always gotten and is STILL getting at EVERY SINGLE rally! No other person, Democrat or Republican, could do that once much less repeatedly. He will turn the map RED - with the possible exception of NY, CA, HI and a couple others. And those blue states will likely be closer to purple than they've been in a long time.

The biggest shock will not be his re-election. It will likely be which House members get re-elected and which get replaced and will the Democrat party even continue as a viable political party at all? They are out of touch with patriotic America. They want us to be a socialist, globalist, European country with no borders. Not gonna happen! They've been exposed and completely outsmarted by the one they so hilariously discounted and underestimated - to their own shame and future demise.


Always entertaining.

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