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The grass roots right is the largest army in the world. We will not be ruled by you. If it comes to war we will crush you. Therefore, let's separate from each other.

BritonCasey 6 Jan 19

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Vlad Putin wants every American to own many guns, And to use them often.


Did anyone really think the LEFT would allow a peaceful protest and challenge of their power? The LEFT uses the basic Alinsky tactic, to demonize and stigmatize your enemy. They will call you RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS with ties to WHITE SUPREMACY. It's in their basic playbook. Donald Trump had a TV show on NBC, he was a frequent guest on CNN, on Oprah, and the Trump Corporation had won several awards for Diversity. Once he decided to take on the LEFT, he became a racist, just like you. Folks this is a 75% issue. Americans are on OUR SIDE, have NO FEAR of these gutter dwellers. Donald Trump has shown us the way...NO FEAR....F-THEM!

Why any of us would care about being called White Nationalists or White Supremacists is beyond me. People these days are too easily distracted. Stay focused and steamroll these evil commies. The only opinion that matters is ours.


Great video. I am going to post a 1 minute video I made about this topic recently, right before the Virginia standoff materialized about 1A and 2A. The Left creates environments where bad things happen. They did it in 2016 and they are doing it again in 2020. It is going to get worse before it gets better. This is a trap. Just know that going into it. They cannot continue to expect people on the Right to sit there and tolerate their intolerance.


Stay safe my same thinking brothers/sisters and never give up your rights! The shame is theirs!

We will not be free until every commie is gone.

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