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I don't watch a lot of TV, I prefer to stimulate my mind in other ways., However there are a few shows I do stream on a regular of them is the Tv series , 'The Purge', last episode I watched had an interesting message...the scenario, a talk show/pod cast where the shows hosts incited the audience enough to put out a purge hit on a guest speaker ..when the horrified speaker complained, the host responded with, You're nobody in America unless someone wants to purge you..ergo Purge hits akin to popularity/celeb status /likes..that particular scene and the Troll culture/censorship of today resonated with me long after the episode ended....Love how the 2nd season of this show has gone Black Mirrorish...

MarieBabik 7 Nov 21

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I went for a over 20 years not watching any programmed television, just rented or bought movies. With the back and troubles, coupled with some problems the meds cause I have taken to watching television series on Hulu, or Netflix. Most the stuff I watch is pre year 2000. There is so much Social Justice Warrioring in television these days I can't stand most of it. Almost every modern series has to push the sexual pervert agenda like every other person is homosexual or other wise deviant. Then they love to rewrite history. Just quit watching a series, Vikings after the six or seven episodes because the only real connection to the history they claimed to be showing were the names of the characters.

@MarieBabik The last time I paid for cable, which was necessary to get any programmed television where I lived, was in 1998. My kids came to live with me and I got it for them as they had favorite shows. That lasted two months. I learned they were watching things I had told them not too, as well as the shows they watched while living with their mother was not anything I wanted them watching, and the rates got jacked way up. Nothing worth paying for.


Banned from FB for life! Does this make me a somebody?

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