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Since a couple of people have asked, here is my definition of an "asshole":

Someone who makes it a point to be mean, rude, and condescending to others because they can.

Someone who doesn't want to hear what others have to say and only listens to themselves.

Someone who doesn't care about anything but themselves above all.

Some will, of course, argue that President Trump fits that definition. To them I say; only because you're being that way yourselves and can't take or fathom the fact that someone is turning that back against you, and improving America while he's at it. That an outsider is turning the spotlight back on you by using your own tactics against you to lethal effect. That is the definition of asshole in my mind.

MaskedRiderChris 7 Nov 16

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When Trump jumped into the republican primaries my only thought was that the GOP was letting yet another democrat run on their ticket, John McCain came to mind. I saw Trump as another John McCain. But Trump has been a big surprise for me. He is NOTHING like McCain, and thankfully nothing like the average republican, and democrat either. He has certainly been the best president since I was born. THe reason I spoke rather ferverantly against Trump during the primaries was because until he spoke out against O-bomb-a he was a real darling of the democrats. He supported Bill Clinton in office, Trump was considered a best bud by the likes of Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton because he made sure their pockets were never empty. Feminists would have done anything to get close to Trump, just like he was talking about in the scretly taped conversation from 30 years ago. If they succeed in getting him our of office so they do not have to face him comme election day next year I believe that is the perfect reason for a real civil war, a full assault on Washington DC throwing every last POS in senate and congress to the curb making sure they all get washed down the sewer.

I doubt they’ll succeed, but this mess of toothpaste isn’t going back in the tube. We’re going to have to do something that’s unfamiliar to us: we’re going to have to learn to fight, and if things get dirty there’s always a shower later. But if Trump can teach Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham to grow a set of balls, surely there’s hope.

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