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This is an actual quote from the Prime Minister of Canada. Substitute the word "white" for any other colour and the Left would go insane. His comments are the very definition of racism and bigotry and not a peep from the Left or our State-run #FakeNews media. They were also untroubled by his genocidal threat of "replacement". If you try to discuss it, "white privilege" and "racist" are screamed in your face. How can we engage with the Left when they exempt themselves from all the rules, refuse to recognize their own hypocrisies, promote division and demonize anyone who objects?

Lara 5 Nov 10

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This is all deliberate. They talk a good game about "inclusiveness" and bringing people together but that's the last thing they want. Their goal is to divide us. The more we hate each other, the stronger they get. "Divide and conquer".


O-bomba had one f his false preachers give a "prayer" at his inauguration. It was an old black dude that just gave this "Why I hate white people" kind of speech. The racist attitude was so think you could have cut it with a knife.

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