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A Michigan man underpaid his property taxes by $8.41, and the county seized his property sold it and kept the profits...

SpikeTalon 9 Nov 6

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Forfieture laws are another method the state has put into place to justify theft from citizens. Law enforcement has become as corrupt as the IRS when it comes to theft. Run a youtube search for Teneha, TX. The Sheriff's office worked with the town DA, and mayor running a road pirate operation for years there. They stole cash, cars, and even jelewlry. Much of the cash recieved from these "stops" was used to enrich those very people running the operation like one deputy having a band that got from that cash to perform at county functions. The mayor got a new car I think, and the DA had some home remodeling done with their cash stash built up from the road piracy.

The problem was so bad in Tennessee that agents from the state police, and a county's sheriff's office almost got into a fist fight over turf, a section of a highway that had good potential for marge amounts of cash they could steal in simple traffic stops, and they could make any claim they wanted for making the stop it never has to be a real offense, no real PC. The only thing that stopped them from going to blows was that one of them remember their dashcams were running, and they were standing right in front of them.

I read about a case in California. A local politician wanted to buy a piece of property from an older man that was not selling. The guy had bought the place for him and his wife to spend their final years on, and sadly his wife passed away not too long after buying it. The old man however was in pretty good health. The politician was not happy to wait for him to pass by natural causes. An anonymous tip was called in to a deputies cell phone that claimed the person calling could smell marijuana smoke coming from the old man's house. The deputy, who just happen to be a frined of the aforementioned politician, got a no knock search warrant which was served at something like 2 A.M. It ended quickly with the old man being gunned down by the deputies. They said he came out of his bedroom with a gun in his hand pointing it at them.

There were some problems with the evidence though. No pot was found in the home, which surprised me because I would have thought cops acting out a fake crime would have brought something to plant. Also there was no evidence of pot in the old man's system which would have been present if he had been smoking as recently as the alleged call came in. Nor did he have any history of using marijuana. Also the only blood of the old man's, of which there was a good amount as he had been shot several times, was not near the doorway of his bedroom, it was ALL in his bedrom. The forensics indicated he was not even out of bed when he was shot, but just sitting up in his bed. The only bullets, apart from in the old man, were in the wall behind where he would have been sitting up in bed. None of the officers were reprimanded in any way as a result on an internal investigation, and the politician got to buy the property dirt cheap rather than having to pay the old man fair market value.

Damn... what a horror story, not surprising though given this day and age.


It is sickening the number of stories I have read like this through the years.


This is outrageous. I hope to hell the politicians in Canada don't hear about this scam. They don't need any new ideas on how to rip us off.


What, a political faction using the letter of the law to force people around? and I am surprised by what?

From time to time I still come across some people who are honestly surprised at such stories...

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